Tech Liaison Updates April 2012

In Attendance:

  • Jon Pielet
  • Jess Neidigh
  • Becky Maier
  • Antony Jo
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Dan Bowling
  • Eric Seyden
  • Brooke Hoareau
  • Shane Heivly
  • Kate Oyler
  • Alina Calianu


XenXerver Downtime

  • Upping the RAM.
  • Saturday 6-8 am.
  • Shutting down server, installing more RAM.
  • These departments will be affected by the XenServer downtime and should have received an e-mail from Antony Jo:
    • ASUM
    • CREC
    • GCC
    • RLO
    • UC

File reports from the SAN

  • Jessica has been running scans for old files or duplicate files.
    • Old files report is files that haven't been edited for a year or more.
  • Please contact Jessica if you have any questions or want more information; also Media and Marketing drives.
  • We can run reports to your specifications and file formats (Excel v. HTML).
  • Will be emailing reports tonight (4-19) or tomorrow morning (4-20).

IT Strategic Plan

  • IT consultants left last week.
    • Recommendations will be in report sent to CIO
      • Make IT more inclusive
      • Have a standing committee with representation from:
        • Academic computing
        • Enterprise application
        • Infrastructure
        • Research computing
        • User support
  • CIO Search Committee
    • President's expectation shared with committee
    • Jesse Neidigh is on the search committee
    • Committee writing role description. Goal is for draft to be completed by mid-May; approved by early June, and posted by the end of June.
    • CIO should be visionary over operational
    • Will be a VP-level position
  • Lab Server issues
    • Lab users couldn't go to YouTube/Facebook
    • May have affected the Kiosks
    • If there are still problems, please let us know.
    • Problem with USB files and office products
      • Igels not affected
      • Students can go to and save to SkyDrive
      • Summer project - block adult content on labs
  • Summer projects/computer orders
    • GrizMart
      • Change in purchasing.
      • We can do ordering, but we'll assign cart to your department so the authorized user can finalize the order:
        • Only for vendors in Grizmart; if you need something for Newegg, Amazon, etc, it's okay, we can still purchase from those vendors 


  • Curry: Windows 7 upgrade; finished in the beginning of July. Publish Medicat, UMDW, Banner.
  • July 1: We'll have capital to buy IGels for first-come first-serve to replace WebDTs
    • These Igels will come with no peripherals
  • DSS: Documentation and ticketing system with Dan for mid-summer.
  • SAIT web: Looking at knowledge bases rather than Media Wiki
    • Shane wants to help with demos; Jon, Brooke, Mo?
    • Can help with student staff who have high turnover.
    • Knowledge bases offer finer-grain control.

Web environment migration status update

  • We're moving to a new web server
    • Get off of cold fusion applications by the end of the fiscal year.
    • It will be exactly the same, but faster.
    • Slow movement behind the scenes.
    • Current web server will be proxy server.
    • Cascade will have new destinations - 2x in next 4 mos.
      • Cascade will move over before fall

New RTA coordinators

  • Andrew Letson
  • Michael Callahan
  • We're hiring for at least 3 RTA positions