Tech Liaison Updates November 2012

In Attendance:

  • Dan Bowling
  • Antony Jo
  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Keith Munson
  • Kate Oyler
  • Daphne Felker
  • Donna Weathers
  • Daler Rakhimov


Windows 8

  • Windows 8 license key server has not been set  up by Centeral IT yet.
  • SAIT is currently doing testing with Windows 8 for compatibility with hardware and custom applications.

Implementation of new database server over Winter Break

  • SAIT Database administrator Daniel Bowling will be in touch with parties that will be effected.

New SAIT Web crawler

  • SAIT can scan web pages or folders in CMS for broken links and spelling errors.

CIO search update


26 Nov, 10:30am  Law 219 – Riley

30 Nov, 10:30am  Law 201 – Gregory

3 Dec, 10:30am  Law 219 – O’Neill

Distributed IT meetings:

26 Nov, 3:15pm Gallagher Business Building, Room 123 – Riley

29 Nov, 3:30pm Gallagher Business Building, Room 123 – Gregory

3 Dec, 3:00pm TPFNAC 105 (Native American Center) – O’Neill

SAIT hiring

  • We are in the process of hiring for two positions; Sys. admin. and an RTA.
  • RTA should be hired by early Dec. and the Sys. admin. should be hired around that time as well.

Issues with monthly printing reports with new configurations

RTA round cancelled over Thanksgiving break

RTA support over Thanksgiving and Winter Break

  • There will be RTA support on Wed. 11/21/12, There will not be RTA support on Thanksgiving or Fri. 11/21/12. 
  • There will be full RTA support over Winter Break, minus RTA weekly rounds. We will have slightly reduced staff though.

SA Tech Liaison expectations

Change to ticket status on ticket page

Subscribing other users via email to a ticket 

  • This can be done using the text field at the bottom of the ticket page