SA Tech Liaisons - April 2014

In Attendance:

  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • Dean Bartlett
  • Jordan Kress
  • Will Ramsey
  • Camryn Hare
  • Becky Maier
  • Donna Weathers
  • Gordon Terpe


From Tech Partners:

  • With the end of XP support, we are currently assessing how many machines are still running XP so we can upgrade or replace them.

From IT Senate:

  • IT is developing a new web tool to easily access degree requirements
  • We are still pushing the subject of using student photos for security verification purposes.

UC Wireless Upgrade

  • The UC wireless upgrade should be finished. All reports indicate that it has gone smoothly.

Windows Server 2003

  • Windows Server 2003 support is ending soon.
  • Because many of our servers still use Windows Server 2003, we will be coming up with a migration plan.

CMS Transition

  • Half of SA has been transitioned to WTS support. The rest are to follow.


  • All SSL on campus should be repaired.
  • We advise everyone to change passwords ASAP.


  • A representative from Ellucian, the company that produces Banner, was on campus
  • We are currently exploring some Banner features that we don't use, such as time clocking software


  • The agreement with the U.S. Office of Education has been signed.
  • Work is ongoing for a plan to make campus more accessible.
  • Previews of these documents are available at

Student Programmer

  • With our current student programmer, Jason Cowan, graduating, we will be hiring for a replacement.
  • Please let us know if you know someone you think would be a good fit.


  • Career Services is working on some new web projects, such as an RSS feed for available jobs and moving student job postings to Griz eRecruiting.

Microsoft Office 2013

  • Antony is considering publishing Microsoft Office 2013 as a published application. There was some interest stated.

Creating Accessible Documents

  • All staff will need to be trained on creating accessible documents.
  • There is a short course offered at