SA Tech Liaisons - Feb 2014

In Attendance:

  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • Dean Bartlett
  • Jordan Kress
  • Tim McHenry
  • Will Ramsey
  • Shawn Grove
  • Camryn Hare
  • Kate Oyler
  • Melissa Neidigh
  • Laura Colby
  • Gordon Terpe


From Tech Partners:

  • PaperCut is close to deployment.
  • IT Central has a tech partners forum that all can contribute to at

From IT Senate:

  • There is work on a new Grizmart approval process for large purposes.
  • IT Central is looking into assessment of applications used on campus.
  • A wireless survey is in the works

UM Lockdown:

  • We covered general experiences. There were some issues with timing of messages, and some Tech Liaisons were not receiving campus communications emails
  • We reiterated that emergency text notifications were opt-in.

Jesse Neidigh is out February 23rd - March 3rd


  • Smartsheet is being implemented by a la carte licenses to replace Microsoft Projects.

Banner Assessment

  • The CIO has arranged for Banner representatives to assess if Banner is being used effectively around campus.


  • Dan Bowling provided a demo of NVDA, a free screen reader.
  • Tim McHenry provided a demo of Read & Write Gold, the University's screen reader.