SA Tech Liaisons - Jan 2014

In Attendance:

  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Antony Jo
  • Dean Bartlett
  • Dan Bowling
  • Jordan Kress
  • Donna Weathers
  • Gordon Terpe
  • Camryn Hare
  • Will Ramsey
  • Becky Maier
  • Kate Oyler
  • Melissa Neidigh


From Tech Partners:

  • The University's contract with Microsoft has been renewed. Microsoft Projects has been dropped.
  • PaperCut has hit some deployment snags.
  • Read&Write Gold is now available for installation on campus lab machines. No solution exists yet for mobile devices.

Antony Jo will be out January 30th - February 4th


  • SAIT may be able to return to buying computers and other equipment on behalf of departments, but without significant interest we will continue handing off carts.


  • We will explore handing off general CMS support to IT Central so SAIT can focus on application development and maintenance.
  • There is interest in moving SA web pages from to and have IT Central host those pages. This avenue will be explored further.
  • There is a bug in the Cascade form-building plugin, but a fix is already in development.
  • There are plans for a card payment plugin if people are interested.

Citrix Server Retirement

  • The Citrix "old farm" was retired on January 2nd. Please call us if any apps are missing or services stop working.

Citrix XenServer Maintenance

  • The servers hosting several virtual machines will go down over the weekend for maintenance. Exact timing is yet to be determined.

SAIT Group renamed to SA Tech Liaisons

New Software To Be Deployed

  • InnoSoft Fusion for Campus Recreation
  • Smart Sheet to replace Microsoft Projects

UC Service Desk

  • The SAIT Service Desk in the UC will be opening soon.
  • The desk will be staffed with 2-3 students while 1-2 students will remain in Elrod Hall during work hours, although this may shift as need arises.
  • Service desk will be open 11 AM - 5 PM M-F.
  • Staff members may get over-the-counter help for personal devices, but at this point we can't check in those devices.