SA Tech Liaisons - March 2014

In Attendance:

  • Jesse Neidigh
  • Antony Jo
  • Dan Bowling
  • Dean Bartlett
  • Jordan Kress
  • Will Ramsey
  • Shawn Grove
  • Camryn Hare
  • Kate Oyler
  • Melissa Neidigh
  • Donna Weathers
  • Gordon Terpe


From Tech Partners:

  • Budget cuts will be affecting IT on campus. More to follow
  • IT Central is working a new fee structure for billing their services
  • is a new site for posting faculty research
  • IronPort is a new anti-spam filter. A procedure for reporting spam is upcoming

From IT Senate:

  • IT Senate wants FERPA training for those dealing with FERPA-protected data, but does not have training in place. We discussed a desire for data governance policy and Jesse will bring it up again at the Senate
  • There is an IT operational plan in the works


  • Qualtrics is a new survey program available to anyone with a NetID at
  • We recommend Qualtrics for "quick and dirty" surveys, but Student Voice is still better for assessment and regular surveys thanks to their professional support

Raspberry Pi

  • The Raspberry Pi is a small, customizable computer that we are working on as a replacement for WebDTs running digital signage
  • They are recommended due to their wireless capabilities and higher resolution support

WTS Cascade CMS Support

  • A procedure for handing off CMS support to WTS is in place
  • Dan will begin transferring departments in groups
  • If webpages have not been moved to the new template, this process will necessitate migration

EIT Accessibility

  • A new draft of the EIT has been pushed out
  • It is recommended that all staff members read it

OneNote for Mac

  • The popular Microsoft OneNote is now available for iOS

New Student Employees and Student Positions at SAIT

  • We are hiring for new RTAs. We ask that you recommend the job to anyone you think is qualified
  • We are also going to be hiring a new student programmer, but we want to find someone we know first
  • Starting next semester, the RTA Coordinators will become a slightly separate Service Desk Coordinator and Staff Support Coordinator.
  • We are adding a System Administrator Support role for qualified students