UM graduates go on to build careers and lives of impact. We support women’s trajectories beyond graduation. These alumni are working to close the leadership gap and to demonstrate in their actions and careers the societal benefits of gender diversity in leadership.

And so we are squarely focused on preparing all women for postgraduate employment through training and development opportunities as well as through role models and mentors. From internship opportunities to entrepreneurship programming to networks, we provide students with experiences and connections that will accelerate their lives of impact.

We accelerate women’s careers and lives of impact because all of us benefit from women’s contributions. The societal benefits of empowered women and diversity in in our systems is born out in various arenas, including politics and business. These benefits present us with an opportunity and an obligation. As an institution committed to providing social and public benefits, UM is committed to building toward gender diversity and equity in civic life and the workforce.

Experiential Learning and Career Success

Students at UM participate in high impact practices (HIPs) as a way to expand their knowledge and gain access to post-graduation opportunities. Each year, approximately 60 percent of students at the University of Montana participate experiential learning opportunities such as domestic and abroad internships, practicums and clinicals, field experiences, undergraduate research, service learning, volunteerism, study abroad, and many other career-oriented activities.

Through UM’s Experiential Learning and Career Success office, students take advantage of experiences that set them up for post-graduation success. For example, UM students pursue internships that lead to jobs. In the past year, one of three interns received a job offer, and an additional 25% negotiated other opportunities with their organizations. Over 98% of the work supervisors who oversee UM interns say they would hire UM interns in the future. And, 96% of interns said their internship experience strengthened their employability.

UM's Pursue Your Passion Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

PYP is a year-long program intended to increase participation of women in entrepreneurship. The growth of the PYP program has catalyzed exciting new opportunities for women entrepreneurs at UM, including new fellowships, awarded to students for the continued pursuit of their passion. Each fellowship includes a $500 scholarship, workspace at Blackstone Launchpad on the UM campus, and additional consultative support to continue work on their passion or business idea throughout the next year.

Accelerated Stories