Welcome to the S.E.A. Change Blog!

The S.E.A. Change Blog shares our community’s many stories that demonstrate the importance of gender equity. We invite faculty, staff, student, and alumni voices as we imagine possibilities and drive change to promote equity for all. We will post new blog entries regularly, and we invite submissions as we build the archive.

Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel in space, smartly advised, “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” To advance gender equity, we need the informed, bold, and persistent imagination of those who keep us focused on what is possible and on the effort necessary to get there. This blog will help to highlight our stories and spark our imaginations.

Please consider sharing your story! We invite you to submit a blog post as an individual or with a partner, focusing on your own experiences, hopes, and expectations. If you are interested in contributing, email Kelly Webster at

We are excited to see our community and collective conversation expand!


UM President Seth Bodnar and Dr. Chelsea Bodnar

The Importance of S.E.A. Change

President Seth Bodnar writes about UM’s S.E.A. Change initiative and its importance.


'Do Not Ever Change'

Recent graduate Elizabeth Harperschurman writes about her path to completing her degree at UM.

Jean Gee

More Than a Title

UM Athletics Senior Woman Administrator Jean Gee reflects on her role and the role of women in collegiate athletics administration.

Kat Cowley blog post

I Know My Worth

UM MPA student Kat Cowley serves as student coordinator of the UM Food Pantry and as a leader and role model for other women across campus and beyond.

SEA Change Safe Empowered Accelerated University of Montana

Change Begins at UM

Retired UM administrator Arlene Walker-Andrews looks back at her career and offers concrete recommendations on bringing about change.

The Weight of Womanhood

The Weight of Womanhood

For entrepreneur Micah Larsen, parenthood brought to light the burdens women carry.

Encourage Girls to Code

Encourage Girls to Code

Imagine a future where girls believe coding is for them. According to Kathryn Grady, Missoula native, coordinator of the Hour of Code for young Missoula County Public School students, mother, and Senior Account Executive for Certica, "the key is to engage them early."

 My Soul Is An Ocean

My Soul Is An Ocean 

An accomplished and respected woman shares her story of trauma and its effects. Please note that this S.E.A. Change blog post includes a first-hand narrative of sexual assault, which may be triggering.

Jeannette Rankin speaks

Other Writings

Explore other writings about and by UM and Montana women.