Together, we are the change. 

How can you make a change? What is it that you want to explore? How can we work together to bring a topic into the light? Together, we can foster change. Please join us and take part in the S.E.A. Change Initiative at the University of Montana.

Through Communiversity, you can choose to be a mentor — an experienced adult who is willing to give time and talent to make a difference to a mentee — to a younger person in our community who may be filled with ideas but needs assistance in exploring and implementing. Through this program, we can change the future, one project at a time.

UM will pair mentors and mentees. Together, you will work on a project that you will showcase on campus this spring. A joining of the minds, a blending of spirits, a rising of wills — you decide what it is and how you will present it. UM will provide the forum and the venue. You provide the ideas and the inspiration.

Help us make a S.E.A. Change. Be a part of the Communiversity of Change.

Communiversity Flyer with a friend


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