Do I need a Meeting Planner?

Still not convinced?

The answer is yes.

Meeting planners save you time, money and headaches. Hiring CPS will help you do what you do better, while we take care of the details of planning a flawless conference. Why not benefit from our years of experience, lessons learned and valuable relationships? Why not plan your conference or meeting with experts by your side?

Top 5 reasons to hire CPS

#5 Technical Support

Our staff is experienced in setting up and troubleshooting equipment both on campus and offsite. We can procure any type of equipment you might need to ensure your conference is state-of-the-art.

#4 Online Registration & Customer Service

Using CPS’s registration software, our staff processes all the registration and payments for you. Our fulltime staff also offers friendly, knowledgeable customer service via phone and email five days a week. 

#3 Marketing, Printing & Web Development

Our full-service marketing and public relations team will give your conference a brand identity through the production of professional webpages and promotional materials. We can help you attract participants, reach out to exhibitors and sponsors, market your conference through social media and communicate with traditional media.

#2 Continuing Education Credits

CPS is experienced in obtaining the preapproval needed to offer continuing education credits, thus boosting your conference attendance. We will save you time, late fees, and the headaches that can come along with seeking pre-approval for continuing education credits.

#1 Save Time AND Money

By serving as your fiscal agent, we can save your conference or event money. We keep a close eye on your budget and bottom line and can often negotiate lodging, food costs and supplies. We are also tax-exempt, so everything purchased for your conference or event through CPS is tax-free.

Ask an Expert

Do you have a general question regarding any aspect of conference planning? Perhaps you are debating hiring a meeting planner but are not sure if you really need one? We will answer your question for free and can discuss putting together a custom proposal for you.

Michelle Quinn

Michelle Quinn
Director, Conference Planning Services