Day of Presentations

April 20th, University Center Ballroom - “Day of” Presentations

Oral Presentation

All oral presentations will be held in 2 separate “Pods,” these are specially designed areas within the UC North Ballroom. Presentations will be shown on TVs so make sure to format powerpoint appropriately.  You will be assigned a time and a Pod # based on your  selection.  Please check-in at the front registration desk when you arrive and you will receive directions to your Presentation Pod.  You will have 15 minutes total (12 presentation) with an additional three minutes allotted for questions for each presenter. Unless you are presenting a 5 minute "Chalk Talk" where you will have 5 minutes total (2 minutes for questions). These time limits will be strictly enforced. You will be notified of your scheduled presentation time by email. Make sure to check and coordinate times with any co-presenters.  It is also recommended by the committee that you be available for 1 hour (around your scheduled time) as an audience member. Remember, it’s no fun to present to no one!  Your participation is greatly appreciated! 

Poster Presentations

Each presenter will be provided with individual space for their poster on the display boards located in the UC South Ballroom. Poster dimensions should not exceed 36" x 44". You will be assigned a poster number and must be available to discuss your posters during the 4:30 - 6:30pm poster session.  The “Best of GradCon” Awardees will also be highlighted at this time.  Make sure to check and coordinate times with any co-presenters.

Posters may be hung 8:00am - 4:00pm the day of the conference and remain there throughout the day (hanging help & pins will be available). Posters may be removed after the 4:30 - 6:30pm Poster Session.  If you do not remove your poster,  it will be recycled in the bins provided.

Visual & Performing Art Exhibits

Each performance or art exhibit will be presented in one of the two Pods or in a designated space in the UC North Ballroom (ie. sculptures, large group presentations, etc.). Special set-up requests or questions should be emailed to conference coordinator, Michelle Eckert at  Performers/Artists must be available to discuss their entry during the 1:15 - 2:30pm Visual & Performing Arts session.  Specific presentation times will be emailed prior. Make sure to check and coordinate times with any co-presenters. 

If you cannot attend your presentation time for any reason, you must notify GradCon Coordinator, Michelle Eckert ( ASAP.

For a general overview of the GradCon Schedule, please click here.