How to Upload to ScholarWorks

We encourage GradCon students to upload their conference posters and presentations to ScholarWorks. ScholarWorks is an open access repository that helps document, preserve, and make available your research and creative scholarship. It will give you a permanent link to your conference poster/presentation that you can share with future employers, family, etc. If you or your faculty mentor/advisor DO NOT wish to make your work openly available online, you may choose a campus access restriction and/or an embargo upon submission to ScholarWorks. Please contact Wendy Walker at the Mansfield Library if you need help with or information about these options.

Upload to ScholarWorks will facilitate poster printing at the Paw Print as well as the availability of presentations in the presentation rooms on the day of the conference. Note: Submission to ScholarWorks is optional but highly encouraged.

  • ScholarWorks gives students the opportunity to share their work with future employers, family members, etc.

  • Making current graduate research available in ScholarWorks helps future UM students learn about research opportunities that they may be able to pursue at UM.

  • All GradCon students will have the option to restrict the availability of their work to campus and/or to place an embargo on their work. Please discuss these options with your students if you have concerns about them sharing their work widely.

Poster Presenters

The Paw Print at the Mansfield Library is once again offering to print posters for this year’s conferences. For graduate student participants, the Paw Print will offer the print rate of $22.50 per poster. Should you decide to use the thicker Matte or Semi-Matte (low-gloss) the price goes to $33.75 each or upgraded to fabric or special material for $50.90 each. In order to “best fit” your poster in the conference space provided, it is recommended the dimensions of your poster should be either 36 x 44 or 44 x 36. Thank you for adhering to these sizes as we need to accommodate as many posters as possible. Please submit your PDF poster file online to ScholarWorks and check the box if you want the Paw Print to print your poster. Once the file is uploaded and the box is checked, the Paw Print will notify you when the poster is ready for pick up. Sunday, April 15th at Midnight– Last day to submit Posters to Paw Print (though ScholarWorks) for printing.

Oral Presentations

In order to access your presentation on the laptops that will be available in the presentation pods on the day of the conference, please submit your presentation to ScholarWorks by Tuesday, April 17th at 5:00pm.  If you choose not to submit your presentation to ScholarWorks, you will be able to upload your presentation to the laptops in the presentation pods on the day of the conference from 7:30-8:30 a.m. Regardless of how you choose to access your presentation on the day of the conference, all students are highly encouraged to bring their presentations on a flash drive as a back-up.

ScholarWorks Submission Instructions

GradCon Participants: 

  1. Go to:

  2. Click Submit Event (left-hand menu)

  3. Login (Create new account if you’ve not previously submitted to ScholarWorks)

  4. Read and accept the submission agreement

  5. Complete the upload form and click Submit

  6. Logout