International Baccalaureate Workshops

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International Baccalaureate Workshops

Thanks to all faculty who joined us at this year's IB Workshops held August 21-23, 2017, at the University of Montana.  These Missoula County Public School hosted workshops provided educational leaders, decision makers and practitioners from local schools, to come together and share best practices around cultivating the way we educate students. Motivated by the IB mission, these workshops fostered partnerships, participation and provided a forum for discussions on educational quality.  The 15-hour trainings were offered over 2.5 days.  For more 2017 workshop details, please read workshop descriptions below.

Please check back for 2018 workshop details.

2017 Workshops Offered:

Diploma Program

Theory of Knowledge (PIR Course #9806)

This workshop was designed to prepare participants to teach TOK in a manner that supports the IB mission statement and philosophy. Focus:                   

  • Developing an understanding of the IB mission and philosophy through the DP programme model as a context for a holistic learning experience.
  • The Theory of knowledge guide and associated assessment requirements with practice marking activities of sample student work.
  • Structuring a TOK course that integrates authentic assessment and encourages students to make links across the DP that will enhance their understanding.
  • The dynamic nature that exists between CAS and TOK when emphasizing the importance of reflecting and developing self-awareness.               

English Language/ Literature: Category 2 (PIR Course #9807)

The aim of the language and literature course was to encourage students to question the meaning generated by language and texts. Helping students to focus on the language of the texts they study and to become aware of the role of each text’s wider context in shaping its meaning is central to the course.

With this in mind, the IB Language and Literature A training helped teachers do the following:

  • Develop strategies to improve student access to the DP; for example, differentiating the curriculum and offering multilingual classrooms.
  • Review aspects of assessment to ensure that teaching and learning activities promote student achievement and address subject-specific assessment criteria, both internal and external.
  • Integrate the IB philosophy, TOK and CAS to promote student understanding.
  • Understand how collaborative planning increases connections between subjects that can reinforce knowledge, understanding and skills.        

PYP Workshops

Transdisciplinary Learning (PIR Course #9805)

The PYP provided an extensive framework for designing and achieving transdisciplinary teaching and learning. This workshop looked at tools to map local curricula against the PYP scope and sequence documents. It analyzes the transdisciplinary themes and examines how effective, concept-based central ideas and lines of inquiry can be designed to address the curriculum in a way that is relevant, challenging and engaging. Participants will also look at how the transdisciplinary skills are an essential element of curriculum mapping. This workshop was also suitable for those wishing to map national and state curriculum against PYP concept based scope and sequences.

Science Throughout the Program of Inquiry (PIR Course #9808)

Many schools feel pressured to teach science as a stand-alone subject. This workshop aimed to extend teachers' understanding of science knowledge and skills so that they can be incorporated in any unit of inquiry. Teachers considered research regarding the range of science knowledge and skills that students need for success in secondary school studies. Participants examined how concepts and transdisciplinary skills can lead to deep scientific understandings through every transdisciplinary theme. The workshop explored the rich and creative variety of scientific writing styles and the use of children's literature to provoke scientific thinking and inquiry.