About the Course


Jennifer Schoffer Closson and Dana Fitz Gale,
University of Montana, Communicative
Sciences and Disorders

Date May 26 - June 26, online
Credits 3 Academic Credits
Cost $975
Textbook Methods for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evidence-Based Practices

Autism impacts 1 in 68 people. The increase in the incidence of autism has been described as epidemic. In reaction to this increase, researchers have identified evidenced based practices (EBP) that provide best outcomes for people with autism. Despite having a comprehensive list of “what works,” few people are trained in these practices.

This online course with a practical lab is the first comprehensive evidenced based practices course for autism in the state. EBP for Autism will allow in-service professionals to develop EBP materials to effectively support students. This course promises to provide current interventionists with the tools necessary to implement the specialized interventions required for people with autism.

Undergraduate and graduate students, Evidence Based Practices for Autism: A practical approach for pre-service professionals will be offered May 26th – July 1st. Details will be announced shortly.

In-Service Professionals interacting with a child