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School of Social Work Assessment Plans and Outcomes

BSW and MSW Programs


The School of Social Work takes its mission of preparing students for BSW and MSW practice very seriously.  We are committed to values-based process of continual self-assessment, soliciting the participation of a variety of constituencies and using assessment findings to continually improve the program.

We employ a range of procedures to ensure a process that is effective, inclusive, comprehensive, varied, and instructive.  The School’s assessment plans are based on the following principles:

  • Programs continually evaluate themselves relative to their mission and goals.
  • Programs continually evaluate themselves relative to the Core Competencies and Practice Behaviors necessary for the profession, and required by schools accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.
  • Program assessment is grounded in and guided by the core values of social work.
  • The results of the ongoing evaluative process are instructive in terms of program needs, strengths, and improvement.
  • Program assessment identifies both what is effective and what could be improved.
  • Programs continually identify constituency and workforce roles and issues that graduates are expected to fulfill and address.
  • Programs stay abreast of continually shifting and evolving social needs, trends, and issues.
  • Students are included as partners in the process of program assessment and continuous improvement.
  • Professional social work practice and schools of social work are accountable to clients, agencies, communities and society, and program assessment works toward ensuring that accountability.
  • Program assessment is a model for students about the importance of critical reflection, evaluation, and continuous improvement in all arenas of professional practice.
  • Program assessment is important within an institutional context and is coordinated with institutional accreditation processes and institutional assessment plans and measure.
  • Program assessment reflects commitment to professional leadership.

The School of Social Work is committed to evaluating itself through high quality research methodologies that are:

  • Varied in terms of the participants and subjects, process, frequency, and purpose
  • Balanced in terms of qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Intentionally designed to utilize mixed methodologies
  • Purposeful in terms of timing and repetition
  • Committed to the participation and involvement of students in terms of input and feedback
  • Committed to the participation and involvement of a variety of constituencies in providing input and feedback
  • Overlapping and integrated in such a way that outcomes are measured in multiple ways over time
  • Consistent with social work best research practices

BSW Program

BSW Assessment Plan and Student Outcomes AY 2021-22

MSW Program

MSW Assessment Outcomes