Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

UM School of Social Work Mission Statement:

The mission of the UM School of Social Work at The University of Montana is to effectively engage in activities integral to preparing skilled baccalaureate and master’s level social work practitioners, while promoting more just and humane social structures and outcomes within Montana, the United States, and internationally.

UM BSW Program Mission Statement:

The mission of the UM BSW program is to prepare entry level generalist social workers, grounded in a person-environment perspective, who can practice at multiple levels and assume a variety of social work roles to address social issues and promote social and economic justice. The program educates students to be ethical, reflective, collaborative, innovative, and culturally competent. Graduates will engage in lifelong learning, promote the dignity, rights and well-being of others, and contribute toward a more just and humane world.

Goals of the University of Montana BSW program are to prepare generalist social work practitioners who:

  1.  Possess the requisite ethical, knowledge, and skill base for effective generalist social work practice that requires critical thinking and a variety of professional perspectives, theoretical foundations, and evidence-based approaches.
  2. Enhance the social functioning and quality of life of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  3. Serve diverse, underserved, vulnerable, and oppressed populations with a commitment to social and economic justice and human rights.
  4. Commit to career-long professional development to enhance effectiveness of social work practice.
  5. Base their practice on the core values of the profession, including service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.