Bea Mendez Gandica

Security Engineer for Microsoft

Field: computer science

“Once you are in the computer science world, or the engineering world, you have the freedom to create new things.”

Bea Mendez Gandica

I grew up in Venezuela and was fascinated by computers and what they could accomplish. When I was 10 years old, I remember playing video games and I decided that I wanted to study something related to technology. During my freshman year, I learned how to code but it didn’t come easy. I had to keep practicing to ensure that I could understand the concepts. It paid off because after graduation, I landed my dream job at Microsoft where I work in the security space. In my role, I manage the daily operations of a bot service that performs a variety of checks on source code and binaries across engineering teams.

Realizing that underrepresented students weren’t getting exposed to coding or role models, I started Nuevo Foundation to teach students how to code. I wanted more kids to have opportunities in technology and follow their passion.

IF girls are introduced to computer science at an early age, THEN they will be empowered to rewrite the rules of the world.”

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