Trina Salvisberg

Field Operations Supervisor, Enbridge

Field: Engineering

"Growing up on a cattle farm, I absolutely loved spring time when there was a lot of running water through the corrals and ditches. I would spend hours using dirt, rocks, and sticks to dam up and re-route the water."

Trina Salvisberg

When I was young, I spent a lot of time outside. My experiences as a child helped bring science to life, and thanks to some really great mentorship from my high school math and physics teachers, I discovered an engineering career path.

I received a bachelor's of engineering from the University of Alberta and started with Enbridge as a pipeline engineer, moving all around western Canada and the Midwest. I moved to Montana two years ago and now am a Field Operations Supervisor. I am responsible for all aspects of the field operation and maintenance of our liquids pipeline system. All the knowledge acquired by my experience with pipeline engineering allows me to evaluate problems and make better decisions.

Science is amazing because it explains the fundamentals of the way the world works. Understanding these fundamentals give us a foundation to make decisions and develop opinions about just about everything. Most of all, science is fun because the best way to learn and understand is to do experiments and get our hands dirty!

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