University of Montana classified staff members serve on a variety of University-level committees.  There are both short-term and long-term committees with a variety of time commitments.  If you are interested in serving the University in this way, please fill out a Committee Volunteer Form.  Your information will be kept in a database, and you will be contacted by Staff Senate to confirm your interest when an appropriate committee opening becomes available.


Staff Senate Committee Participation

Senators are required to participate on at least one Staff Senate committee and may serve on UM committees, if needed.

Staff Senate committees are made up of Staff Senators.  However, a committee may recruit the assistance of other classified staff for temporary assistance on special projects. 

The chairperson of each Staff Senate committee shall provide regular communications to the Staff Senate at Staff Senate meetings and by submitting Committee Report Forms.

Staff Senate committees are:

a) Executive Committee.

The committee is composed of the elected officers (President, Vice-President, Finance Officer, Fundraising Officer, Public Relations Officer, and Secretary) and the immediate past president as a nonvoting ex-officio member. The committee shall carry on the interim business of the Staff Senate between regular meetings, call special meetings and represent the Staff Senate at meetings with the University administration, ASUM, Faculty Senate, the Commissioner of Higher Education and/or Board of Regents. The committee also serves as the Budget Committee of the Staff Senate.

b) Bylaws Committee.

The committee shall guide actions taken by Staff Senate to ensure compliance with the Staff Senate Bylaws and will review and revise the Bylaws to ensure timeliness and consistency with University and state policies.

c) Communications and Visibility Committee.

The committee shall make staff and their contributions more visible to the on-campus and off-campus community by spotlighting staff in publications and activities, participating in University Employee Recognition Day activities, promoting the "Heart of the Grizzly" initiative, and conducting other activities to meet the purposes of the Staff Senate.

d) Professional Development Committee.  

The committee shall support professional development opportunities for classified staff.

e) Nominations and Elections Committee.

Prior to the election of Senators, the committee shall determine the number of senators to be elected from each EEO category, will seek nominations, screen nominees for eligibility and conduct the elections of new Staff Senators. The committee also conducts the election of the Executive Committee Officers.

f) Outstanding Staff Award Committee.

The committee shall select the Outstanding Staff Award Recipients.

g) Scholarship Committee.

The committee shall establish criteria and select the Staff Senate scholarship recipient(s) from qualified applications.  The committee shall raise funds in collaboration with the Fundraising Committee, for the awarding of annual scholarship(s) to be given to a relative of a University of Montana staff member.

h) Fundraising Committee. 

The committee shall conduct fundraising in support of Staff Senate activities.

i) Survey and Assessment Committee. 

The committee is responsible for conducting and analyzing surveys of UM Staff on issues of importance identified by the Staff Senate.

h) Other.

Any other committee as designated by the Senate.