Policies for Staff Senate Mass Communication

The Staff Senate, usually through the Administrative Associate, will only send mass-communications to UM classified staff, to Staff Senators, and to Montana University System Staff Association (MUSSA) representatives.

Mass emails to all classified staff

  • Items must be of general interest to the majority of the classified staff as determined by the Administrative Associate or President of Staff Senate.

  • No promotions of off-campus businesses or personal businesses of staff members will be posted. Non-University businesses that are located on-campus will be treated as an on-campus business.

  • No personal announcements (births, illnesses, deaths, retirements, etc.) will be sent.

  • No personal announcements asking for donations, support, etc. will be posted. The Administrative Associate will send out Staff Caring for Staff communications once the staff member has applied using the correct Human Resource Services process, and the Administrative Associate has confirmed the employee’s eligibility with Human Resource Services.

  • Administrative Associate is not required to “opt out” or “opt in” anyone’s email address.  The Infogriz mailing list will be used.

  • Communications from unions will be limited to announcements of and/or agendas for upcoming meetings. 

Facebook postings

  • Items must be of general interest to the classified staff.

  • No promotions of off-campus businesses will be posted unless to thank that business for specific sponsorship of Staff Senate or to point out a professional development opportunity of general interest to the classified staff. 

  • Announcements of community activities may be posted if sponsored by a nonprofit organization or if of general interest to a majority of the classified staff.

  • No personal announcements will be posted for anyone except births, marriages, and retirements of Staff Senators, and only with their approval.


Ideally, a Kudos winner will be featured for approximately two weeks on the website before being “bumped” from the homepage by a new winner.  Their picture and write-up will remain in the Kudos website archives. Kudos will also be publicized in The Grizzly Heartbeat on the Staff Senate website and will be sent to be published several times per year in ForUM to promote the Kudos program and recognize Kudos winners.


Whether on the website, Facebook, email, newsletter, or any other Staff Senate communications, the person(s) pictured must approve, in advance, their picture and name being used.