Fiscal Policies

Staff Senate Scholarship Fund

The Staff Senate Bylaws state:

  • Scholarship Committee - The committee of five Senators shall solicit funds in collaboration with the fundraising committee for the awarding of annual scholarships to be given to a relative(s) of University of Montana Staff members.  A relative is defined as child, grandchild, spouse, or adult dependent, as currently defined by Human Resource Services.  The committee selects the scholarship recipient(s) from qualified applications based on established criteria. The total amount of scholarships awarded shall not exceed $3000.  Excess funds shall be used for professional development of UM staff or CVC events.  Unclaimed or returned funds shall remain in the Scholarship Fund for use the next fiscal year.  Scholarship recipients are honored at the April Staff Senate meeting. 

Expenditures from Staff Senate Accounts

University Staff Senate is budgeted and financially administered by the office of Administration and Finance.  Receipts for purchases are sent to that department.  Copies of receipts are sent via email to the Staff Senate Finance Officer.


Expenses related to the administration of Staff Senate are debited from MAFT04. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Printing:  newsletters, ballots, etc.
  • Staff Senate meeting costs/catering
  • Administrative Associate office supplies
  • Travel and conference calls related to MUSSA


Expenses related to miscellaneous communication and visibility events are debited from MAF009.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Refreshments for CVC-programmed events
  • Give-away items, if CVC requested
  • Space rental, for CVC events
  • Fundraising expenses (tickets, signs, etc.), unless approved by the Executive Committee for the MAFT04 account.
  • Any expenditures authorized by the Public Relations Officer under $150, if funds are available.

Per SB 4 14/15:

Expenditures in excess of $150 from the Visibility Fund (MAF009) shall be submitted to the Staff Senate President for approval.  The Staff Senate President shall communicate approval or denial of the requests to the Executive Officers.  If the Staff Senate President denies the request, the Executive Officers may veto the President's decision with a majority ruling.  The Public Relations Officer shall submit expenditure requests for communications and visibility events, the Fundraising Officer shall submit expenditure requests for fundraising efforts, and the Professional Development Chair shall submit expenditure requests for Professional Development events. Expenditure requests shall be submitted at least one week prior to the tentative date of the expenditure via email to the President.  Expenditure requests shall include the date and time, purpose, and estimated expense of the event.  The President shall notify the requesting officer or chair and the Fianncial Officer of the approval or denial of the expenditure requests within one week.

Fundraising income is deposited into MAF009.


Scholarship expenses are debited from MAF100.  Transfers from MAF009 to MAF100 are requested by the Scholarship Committee in March, prior the March Staff Senate meeting.  These requests are subject to the approval of the Staff Senate. (?)

Finance Officer

The Staff Senate Finance Officer reports to the Staff Senate, on a monthly basis, the financial status of these funds:  MAFT04, MAF009, MAF100, with explanations of income and expenses.  Other responsibilities of the Finance Officer are listed in the Staff Senate Bylaws.