Staff Senate Scholarships

Annually the scholarship committee shall award one scholarship to a dependent of a University of Montana Staff member. A dependent is defined as child, grandchild, spouse, or adult dependent, as currently defined by Human Resource Services. A University of Montana staff member is defined as a permanent staff member who is not a contract administrator, contract professional, individual on a Letter of Appointment, or faculty. The committee selects a scholarship recipient from qualified applications based on: campus and/or community involvement and academic achievements. The awarded funds shall be used by a full time student at University of Montana, which includes mountain campus, Missoula College, or Bitterroot College.

Long term objective is for funds to be appropriated to an endowed scholarship through the UM Foundation.

Staff Senate scholarships are open to incoming freshmen, continuing education students, graduate students, and transfer students. Previous recipients are eligible to apply.

To be considered for a scholarship, the applicant must complete their application online using the UM Scholarship Portal. The following must be complete and submitted by March 20, 2020:

  • General Application – This will be used for not only the Staff Senate Scholarship consideration but may be used for other scholarship opportunities supported by UM. For more general information about the UM Scholarship Portal visit
  • Staff Senate Scholarship Application which includes:
    • UM Staff member basic information
    • A one-page biographical statement
    • Two letters of reference

For questions regarding the scholarship program, please contact Michelle Tolzien at

Support the Staff Senate Scholarships!

The Staff Senate conducts fundraisers to support these scholarships, but they also rely on donations from the campus community.  You can make a big difference and help your fellow staff members by contributing to the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund, and your contributions are tax deductible!

You can contribute in any of the following ways:
  • A check made out to Staff Senate may be sent to: Staff Senate, Building 32, Room 135F, University of Montana, 32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT 59812.  Note "Scholarships" on the check.
  • An optional, easy way to contribute is by making small, regular contributions through payroll deduction to the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund at the UM Foundation.  Even $5 per month would be much appreciated!  File a Payroll Deduction Form and designate "Other" and put "Staff Senate Scholarships" in the comments.
  • University departments can donate, too, by transferring funds into MAF100, the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund at Business Services!
Thank you for your generosity!  See past Scholarship winners pictured below!
2016-17 Scholarship Winners
2016-17 Scholarship Winners: Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma, Staff Senate President; Timberlee Plenger; Angela Alva;
Samantha Croft; Spencer Chaffey-Haley.  Not pictured:  Shane Cronin
Scholarship winners with donors
Winners of the 2015-2016 Scholarships pictured with parents and donors.  
Winners, some pictured/some not pictured: Austin Clark, Samantha Croft, Shane Cronin, 
Ellen Dye, Jody-Lee Hostetler, Jessica Hurd, Logan Joseph, Faitala Malaetele, Michael Nelson, and Timberlee Plenger 

Scholarship Winning Students 2014
Winners of the 2014 Staff Senate Scholarships:  Brooke Belanger, Samantha Croft,
Timberlee Plenger, Austin Clark, Drew Nooney, and Michael Nelson. 
Not pictured: Andrea Collins, Drew Waldorf, Jessica Hurd,
and Sam Waldorf
Scholarship winners 2013
2013 Staff Senate Scholarship winners:  Left to right: Austin Herron, Alonda Paddock,
Andrea Collins, and Kathryn Steffes.
Not pictured: Kara Dobie, Rachelle Ginn, Jessica Hurd
Staff Senate Scholarship Winners 2012 2012 Staff Senate Scholarship winners:  Left to right:  Kathleen O'Leary, Academic Affairs,
Bitterroot campus with daughter Cassandra O'Leary; Arlene Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost;
Sarah Hogue with mother, Diana McIntyre, Pharmacy; Janay Whisman, Career Services, mother of Karley Whisman;
Laurie Fisher, Staff Senate President. Not pictured:  Scholarship recipients - Tyler Davis, son of Janis Davis, Art Department;
Meghan Minnick, daughter of Cheryl Minnick, Internship Services
Scholarship winners 20112011 Staff Senate Scholarship winners: Left to right:
Janay Whisman, Career Services with daughter Karley Whisman;
President Royce Engstrom; Mackenzie Clark, daughter of Debb Clark, Dining Services;
Elizabeth Paulson, daughter of Marvin Paulson, Lifelong Learning Center. 
Not pictured: Nicolett Selensky, daughter of Carrie Selensky, Residence Life;
Sam Waldorf, son of Harry Waldorf, IT; Tyler Davis, son of Janis Davis, Art Dept.; 
Libby Frost, daughter of Mike Frost, Curry Health Center;
Katie Hedrick, daughter of Deanna Burton, Residence Life;
Kaela Stack, daughter of Rob Stack, Athletic Dept.
2010 Scholarship winners2010 Staff Senate Scholarship winners:  Front row, left to right: Steven DeYoung,
John DeYoung (Residence Life); back row, left to right: Mary Grady (Curry Health Center),
daughter Kara Landolfi, Sue DeMers (Athletic Dept./Internal Operations), daughter Cory Rauch. 
Marin Hall (Human Resources), daughter Paige Hall (not pictured),
Mackenzie Clark, Debb Clark (Dining Services), Janis Davis (School of Art), son Tyler Davis.  
Not pictured: Cathy Joy (Curry Health Center/CAPS), son Jay Egenhoff,
Michael Frost (Curry Health Center), and daughter Libby Frost.
2009 Scholarship Winners2009 Staff Senate Scholarship winners from left to right:  Mary Grady (Curry Health Center), Kara Landolfi,
Kaela Stack, Rob Stack (Intercollegiate Athletics), Debb Clark (Dining Services), Mackenzie Clark,
Bradley Stacey (Facility Services), Brenn Stacey, Jo York (Rural Institute),
Jasmin York, Collin Behan.  Not pictured:  Libby Steigers, Cyndi Steigers (Grizzly Scholarship Assoc.),
Karen Behan (Curry Health Center), and Diana Reetz-Stacey (COT Outreach).