Renee Valley

Renee Valley

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Media Editor, Sports Information Department

Renee is a great boss! She never gets mad when I make a mistake and compliments on the work that I do. -Morgan Samardich, Soph., Business Administration

Renee has been a dedicated member of our Athletic staff for many years. Her commitment to detail and her understanding of advertising go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Renee is always there with a warm hello and a smile to help anyone she can. Thank you, Renee! - Pam Erickson, Athletic Department

Renee Valley is a model employee for The University of Montana. During the many years she has been on campus, she has always strongly supported the mission of the Department of Athletics. She is one of the most enthusiastic Griz fans on campus, and that takes some doing! She attends every game and cheers on the team in her wonderful positive way.

Renee performs her responsibilities in the media relations department superbly. She is always friendly, always helpful, and always efficient. The Graduate School has had occasions in the past where we have needed help in getting information and photos that we needed for promotions that we do. Renee responds immediately to any request that we've had. With a smile in her voice, she makes you feel that helping you is the only thing she has on her plate at that time.

Renee is always involved in MPEA or Staff Senate. There has never been a time she's been here that she hasn't worked to promote UM staff. She comes up with creative ideas - Staff Nights at the Griz and Lady Griz basketball games were her idea. She not only comes up with creative ideas, she is always the first one to volunteer to help.

The Athletic Department is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated employee. Thank you, Renee, for all that you do. You are an inspiration to many people. - Mary Kamensky, Admin. Officer, Graduate School

Before every game, you will find Renee either in her office or the media room putting together the next week's sports program.  This is a time consuming job, since every week is different.  Renee also works with the Staff Senate, on the yearly Alumni float, and is always willing to stop and help anyone with problems or questions they may have.  This is just very small description of Renee's job, versatility and helpfulness. Thank you, Renee, for everything you do. -Pam, Athletic Dept.

Submitted by multiple fellow staff members