Sarah Weatherby

Sarah Weatherby

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Administrative Associate, School of Business

In the School of Business Administration we have a superb lady known as a "go to" person.  In terms of students and student questions Sarah Weatherby is always available and always friendly to help guide students to the appropriate class, professor, or advisor.  The School's "Students First" policy is carried out through her willingness and her continued professional conduct. 

Sarah, a faculty assistant, carries on her multitude of job related duties while establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the wide range of UM personnel, faculty, as well as the general public and outside agencies. She helps me succeed in my position as Special Program Coordinator. Without her and her student assistants I could not achieve my goals.  

Kudos to Sarah for being part of the SoBA success team!

Submitted by Submitted by Larae Hackney, Special Programs Coord., School of Business