Terri Coslet

Terri Coslet

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Budget Analyst, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Terri was instrumental in getting a grant application out promptly and accurately.  She worked diligently to make sure it was submitted with the correct and best information possible. And all with a helpful, positive attitude. Her efficiency, accuracy, and helpful attitude is invaluable. Terri is fabulously amazing.

Submitted by Teresa, Dept. of Drama/Dance

I just found out about this site, so actually this nomination is cumulative for all the wonderful things Terri has done in the past few years. She has been unfailingly patient with me as she has walked me through learning how to apply for grants, and manage sub-contracts, and so much more. Her patience is exceeded only by her wonderful nature. I am just so appreciative of both Terri's competence, and her manner, which is always helpful, straightforward, and with a wonderful spark of life!

Submitted by Marsha Katz, Rural Institute