Kay Lamphiear

Kay Lamphiear

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Purchasing Manager, Business Services

Faculty/Staff Wellness operates the Montana University System WellBaby Program. One of the benefits of the program is a $50 Savings Bond for participants newborns. We took over this program from StarPoint because we knew we could offer greater benefits at a lower cost and increase participation in this exceptional benefit program. The purpose of the savings bond was to give a "value added" thank you for participating.

Because Savings Bonds must be purchased with cash, I could not complete the transaction with a ProCard. I needed help in navigating a cash transaction with the proper paperwork and documentation. I also needed help finding a bank that would be willing to work with the program to process 300 - 400 Savings Bonds applications each year.

Kay responded to a "please help" email I broadcast to business services. She helped me by arranging for UM's bank to provide the forms and process the bond purchases. She helped both myself and my co-worker, Angela, understand the process we needed to go through to request the check to pay for the bonds and when it came time to put it all together - she physically walked me through the process and introduced be to other Business Services staff who will be helping me accomplish this task.

She went above and beyond helping me to learn more about an area that I don't usually work in and was very kind, responsive and friendly. She made my job much easier! Thanks very much!

Submitted by Lisa Hofman, MUS Wellness Programs (8/26/09)