Krista Wills

Krista Wills

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Clinical Lab Specialist, Curry Health Center Lab

The Curry Health Center Lab staff, of which Krista is a part, have performed an invaluable service for faculty, staff, spouses and retirees throughout the years. While their mission is to provide quality healthcare for students, they have kindly and cheerfully provided blood drawing services for the UM workforce. Without their help, University employees would not have had the benefit of low-cost blood draws for health screenings throughout the year - but would have had to rely on our two WellCheck events.

The cost of the blood draw they offered is $30. These same services performed at a doctor's office or private lab would cost between $250 and $500. Their willingness to provide the service has meant that both our employees and the health plan have saved a huge amount of money. I've calculated that the savings to the health plan and our plan members has averaged over $60,000 (annually) for these basic health screenings.

And, they are a joy to work with.

Submitted by Lisa Hofman, Faculty Staff Wellness (1/29/10)