Daphne Felker

Daphne FelkerComputer Support, Defense Critical Language and Culture Program

 “Daphne has been a great team member for all the instructors/faculty in our day-to-day teaching.  She always gets up from her station to happily help any instructors, even when very minor technical issues appear in our classes.  She never lets any minutes go by without VTC running and never lets the students not be able to see the teachers.  Her quick response to our needs in dealing with technology in our classes has tremendous impact on our day-to-day operations within the work in Defense Critical Language and Cultural Program (DCLCP).  Not only that, she also responds to any need for any staff who need her assistance outside the workplace.  Her caring and passion about her job and willingness to help others leaves a great message, not only in our day-to-day work but also outside the workplace.”

Submitted by Thiyani Miltner, 1/9/2015