Wendy Owens

Wendy Owens, School of Law

Griz Paw

"Wendy Owens is the single administrative assistant to the entire Law faculty.  She works tirelessly in a job that could easily keep three or four people hopping full time.  She consistently provides excellent service to permanent faculty and to adjunct and visiting faculty.  She helps the newcomers navigate the unfamiliar policies and processes of UM Law.  In addition to her full plate, Wendy took on extra duties while the UM Law Registrar was out ill for most of the summer and part of the fall.  Her help was immeasurable!  Her daily contributions make it possible for the Law School to function.  It is my pleasure to recommend Wendy for the Staff Senate Kudos Award and to say publicly that her work is remarkable."

Nominated by Lis Marie Hyslop, 11/19/14