Bonnie Dux

Bonnie DuxMissoula College Registrar

"I have yet to meet another person on any campus who knows or understands more about how the interaction of admissions, registration, enrollment, and student success all fit together.  Bonnie spends the time to understand the problem, develop a comprehensive solution, and, most importantly, help the student through the sometimes daunting task of necessary university record-keeping and paperwork.  I have seen Bonnie talk frustrated, forlorn, sometimes panic-stricken students back into a state of calm.  I have seen her convey a sense of knowledge, establish a rapport, and lead such students to successful solutions and conclusions.  Once the students are here, we need people who are good at retention.  Bonnie excels at this.  Her high level of professionalism is always there, as well as her kindness."

Submitted by Nina Brochar, 4/4/2016