Chelsea Niewald

Chelsea NiewaldAdmissions Counselor, The Graduate School

"In October 2015 I contacted the Graduate School in order to solve some doubts I had about the program for which I was preparing to apply. Since I am a foreign student, all the processes and requirements were more complex than for American students. In order to solve all of my inquiries, Chelsea made the best and more of her position and answered every one of my questions. She has been there during all my application process and always checked on how everything was going. In addition to her everyday duties, she has helped me with letters from the University of Montana in order to present information for my visa extension, which required official documents to be valid. As more than half of a year passed in my contacts with the Graduate School, and Chelsea in particular, I realized the University of Montana has a hidden treasure in that windowless office where she works. I believe Chelsea Niewald is one-of-a-kind and does EVERYTHING and MORE of what she is supposed to do to ensure that new applicants, students and whoever needs her help, can achieve their goals at the University of Montana. Please know that Chelsea Niewald is the reason I would recommend the University of Montana to the world. She made me believe in American kindness and values. She deserves all the best!"

Javier Martin Robledo, Submitted 6/2/2016