Wanda LaCroix

Wanda LaCroixAdministrative Associate, School of Journalism

"Wanda has helped me, a senior at University of Montana,  to thrive and be successful.  I am in the ROTC program and will commission into the Army as an officer at the end of my senior year.  Wanda has been my greatest resource.  Even though I had specific college requirements for the Army that nobody at the Journalism School had seen or understood, Wanda made herself familiar with them and sat down and made sure I met them so I could graduate.  Whenever I was confused about requirements or unsure of how to handle a situation, Wanda would stop whatever she was doing and make time for me.  She is truly the backbone of the Journalism School.  She gives 100% to every student who comes through her door.  Wanda also actively seeks out and helps students with the difficult and confusing administrative requirements for the School of Journalism and the University of Montana.  For example, when graduation applications were due, Wanda made sure she visited all the seniors and set out the deadlines and the requirements in a manner that everyone could understand.  She even filled out a graduation application for seniors to reference so we could see what one looked like.  On top of that, when I found out that my graduation application needed to be submitted for Army approval, Wanda sat down with me and walked me through it, step by step.  After I was done with Wanda, there was no question that I would meet Army approval.  Without Wanda the Journalism School would not function in the efficient manner it does today.  I am eternally grateful for Wanda and for all the support and guidance she has given me throughout my four years at the University of Montana.  I credit her as one of the main people who helped me graduate and achieve my dream of becoming a United States Army officer."

Submitted by John Chmelik, 11/19/15