Samantha Hines

Samantha HinesHead of Mansfield Library, Missoula College

"Samantha went miles (literally) out of her way to make sure Bitterroot College students have access to research resources and information from the Mansfield Library.  She helped us set up the necessary software so students can check in/out resources from the Library without having to travel 50 miles to Missoula (which many of our students simply cannot do).  She also helped create tools to teach students to access the library from a distance and provided ongoing support to the staff who had to learn how to use this system.  Good luck, Samantha!”  - - - Kathleen, Michelle, Tory, Meri, Roch, Jenny, Patty, Kate, Scott, Wayne, Libbi, and all the faculty and students!

- submitted by Kathleen O’Leary, 8/3/2016