Cameron Bucheit

Cameron BucheitOffice Manager, School of Journalism

"Cameron is such an amazing asset to the School of Journalism, but what prompted me to nominate her today was an overwhelming feeling of how much I appreciate her.  I'd like her to know that she's recognized for her abilities as well as her wonderful attitude.  Cameron willingly takes on any task she is asked to do as well as seeing where help is needed and jumping right in with her big smile and positive energy.  Whenever students come to the School of Journalism, Cameron is the first person they meet.  She is supportive, helpful, and kind to everyone she comes in contact with, students being her number one priority.  If they need assistance, directions, or just a dazzling smile and a big hug, she is always more than happy to accommodate their requests and situations.  She is someone who goes above and beyond to make life better for those she encounters.  If you ever need a hug, her arms are always open."

Submitted by Wanda LaCroix, 2/7/2017