Chelsea Niewald

Admissions Counselor, Graduate School

Chelsea Niewald“This is slightly belated, but I wanted to make sure Chelsea’s excellent work does not go unnoticed.  I completed both my undergraduate and doctorate (physical therapy) degrees at a small school in Minnesota, and it has been a few years since I have been in school.  I ran into some major problems with my previous university not releasing some of my personal information necessary to fully apply to the Masters of Community Health program here at UM.  I was fortunate to work with Chelsea through every step of this difficulty.  Chelsea was a strong advocate for me in this process, remaining calm, caring, and persistent in assisting however she could.  I was struck that Chelsea, having never met me and my not even being an official student at UM, advocated for me so strongly in a process that was made very difficult for her and me both.  The long-story-short is my information was released, I applied and accepted a spot in the Grad program, and I am very excited about my program thus far.  I was always taught to never let a kindness go unnoticed, and Chelsea was not only professional and very skilled at her job, but it was her kindness and caring that left a strong impression.  The University of Montana should be very proud to have Chelsea on staff.”

Submitted by Amy Thompson, 9/9/2016