Johanna Anderson

Johanna AndersonAdministrative Associate, Forestry and Conservation

"I had to label a breaker panel which requires identifying each breaker and shutting it off, verifying proper labeling. The whole panel had no labeling, and we had no idea who would be affected by the process.  I met with Johanna and discussed the problem and time involved. I said it would be easier to shut the whole panel down and turn one on at a time and have people let me know if they had power come on. With all the unknowns involved, she had to contact everyone on every floor and let them know they may lose power for a while. Without going into detail, this whole operation went without a hitch and without a complaint.  Her effort in notifying everyone and making sure they were not surprised with a power loss is amazing. These things almost never go on without someone not losing data or something. She and everyone involved made a great effort to notify me of every outlet and light that came on with all the pertinent information. You can only imagine how much time and effort it took to make this happen without a hitch, not to mention the footwork helping find the power as it came on with each breaker. This kind of effort deserves recognition."     

Submitted by Jim Lyon, August 23, 2016