Staff Professional Development

Staff Senate Professional Development Committee

Staff Senate is committed to helping classified staff at the University of Montana thrive and grow.  This is so important to Staff Senate that, in the spring of 2015, it established a Professional Development Committee to increase the visibility and availability of professional development and training opportunities available to UM staff.

Why Professional Development Matters

It's good for us.  It keeps us interested and interesting, fuels innovation, and helps us create a stronger network on campus.  Like faculty, who are required to participate in professional development in order to stay relevant in their fields, staff also need to keep up with trends.  If none of the trainings catch your eye, think about sharing your knowledge and skills by teaching one or peer coaching or mentoring your colleagues.

It's good for UM, too!  Professional development boosts morale, reduces turnover, improves institutional knowledge across campus, and helps the University cultivate its most talented employees.