Staff Senate

Executive Officers

President (Chair)

Charity Atteberry
Charity Atteberry (2021)

Phyllis J. Washington College of Education 
Academic Advisor 
(406) 243-6170  | ED 227

Vice President (Chair-Elect)

Brady Schwertfeger
Brady Schwertfeger (2022)

Facilities Services 
Work Order Desk Manager 
(406) 243-6091

Finance Officer

Steph Domitrovich
Stephanie Domitrovich (2022)

College of Health
Director of Academic Advising
(406) 243-6264


Brady Schwertfeger
Cal Reynolds (2022)

Office of Student Affairs 
(406) 243-5223


Alex Anderlik (2022)

Photo of Alex Anderlik

Mansfield Library
Late Night Supervisor
(406) 243-4071

Brooke Belanger (2021)

Photo of Brooke Belanger

University Center Administration
Building Services Assistant
(406) 243-5082

Kyle Brester (2022)

Photo of Kyle Brester

Registrar's Office
Graduation Coordinator
(406) 243-2422

Adam Carroll (2021)

Photo of Adam Carroll

Information Technology
Presentation Equipment/Production Supervisor
(406) 243-4875

Neil Carson (2022)

Photo of Neil Carson

School of Social Work
Administrative Associate

Teresa Clark (2020)

Photo of Teresa Clark

Administrative Associate
(406) 243-2341

David Crowley (2022)

Photo of David Crowley

Facilities Services - Custodial

Morgan Curtin (2022)

Photo of Morgan Curtin

H&S Advising Center
Academic Advisor

Jenny Dillard (2022)

Photo of Jenny Dillard

University Center
Accounting Associate

Christina Doyle (2022)

Photo of Christina Doyle

Admissions/New Student Services
Admissions Eval/Enrollment Svcs

Paige Furniss (2022)

Photo of Paige Furniss

School of Social Work
Program Coordinator, Student Support Services

Marissa Geiger (2022)

Photo of Marissa Geiger

Dean's Office H&S
Executive Asst to the Dean & Office Manager

Katie Helms (2021)

Photo of Katie Helms

Dining Service Administration
Coffee Operations Manager
(406) 243-6415

Karie Hyslop (2022)

Photo of Karie Hyslop

Geosciences, Physics & Astronomy, H&S Dean's Office
Communications Director/Admin Assoc

Kayli Julius (2022)

Photo of Kayli Julius

Curry Health Center
Wellness Director and Health Coach
(406) 243-6719

Derek Kanwischer (2021)

Photo of Derek Kanwischer

VP O&F | Facilities Services
Industrial Materials Coordinator
(406) 243-5796

Xavier Kneedler-Shorten (2021)

Photo of Xavier Kneedler-Shorten

Mansfield Library
Library Reference Technician
(406) 243-4071

Rebecca Kranitz (2022)

Photo of Rebecca Kranitz

H&S Advising Center
Academic Advisor

Bonnie Kurien (2022)

Photo of Bonnie Kurien

Disability Services
Disability Services Coord/ASL Interpreter

Maygan Lenz (2022)

Photo of Maygan Lenz

Phyllis J. Washington College of Education
Assistant Director, Office of Field Experiences

Jordan Lyman (2021)

Photo of Jordan Lyman

VP for Student Success, Griz Card
Computer Support Specialist
(406) 243-4734

Jessiah Mayer (2022)

Photo of Jessiah Mayer

Undergraduate Advising
Academic Advisor

Tom McClintock (2022)

Photo of Tom McClintock

Provost's Office
Program Coordinator
(406) 243-4689

Timothy McHenry (2021)

Photo of Timothy McHenry

Information Technology
Assistive Technology Coordinator for Disability Services for Students
(406) 243-4461

Danielle Minette Warner (2022)

Photo of Danielle Minette Warner

School of Business - Dean's Office
Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Minnick (2020)

Photo of Cheryl Minnick

Experiential Learning & Career Success
Lead Career Coach and Director of National Student Exchange
(406) 243-4614

Timothy Pleasant (2020)

Photo of Timothy Pleasant

Campus Rec Administration
Facilities Associate
(406) 243-2802

Joe Rasmussen (2021)

Photo of Joe Rasmussen

Research Administration
Budget Analyst
(406) 243-6670

Caitlin Sager (2021)

Photo of Caitlin Sager

Mansfield Center Administration
Administrative Associate
(406) 243-2965 / MLIB450

Kate Stocker (2022)

Photo of Kate Stocker

Missoula College
Academic Advisor
(406) 243-7926

Marshall Wissink (2022)

Photo of Marshall Wissink

Facilities Services - Maintenance
(406) 243-2183

Lexie Zeller (2022)

Photo of Lexie Zeller

UM Catering
Service Manager
(406) 243-4884