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Spring 2020 Progress Survey Schedule

Progress Surveys serve as a means to bring light to outstanding student performance as well as areas where a student can improve. Four surveys are deployed throughout each semester at times which strategically align with dates that can have substantial financial or academic impact on a student who is either not attending a course or is at risk of failing.

Progress Survey Deployment Date Closing Date
Week 2 Thursday, January 23rd Wednesday, February 5th @ 11:00 PM
Week 5 Thursday, February 13th Wednesday, February 26th @ 11:00 PM
Week 8 Thursday, March 5th Wednesday, March 18th @ 11:00 PM
Week 12 Thursday, April 9th Wednesday, April 22nd @ 11:00 PM

Progress Surveys are intended to be used by instructors in a dynamic fashion that best aligns with the pedagogy of each course, and it is highly recommended that the Week 2 and Week 8 surveys are completed by instructors as these surveys align with Registrar dates that can have the greatest negative impact on students who do not complete a course successfully.

Primary Focus of Progress Surveys*

Progress Survey Primary Focus
Week 2 Attendance prior to 15th class day. The 15th class day is the last day a student can drop individual courses with a refund or to withdraw (drop all courses) from the semester with a partial refund.
Week 5 Early academic progress. For courses with assignments within the first five weeks of the semester, the Week 5 Progress Survey is an opportunity to give students feedback on early performance in a course.
Week 8 Academic progress prior to 45th class day. The 45th class day is the last day a student can drop individual courses with a 'W' on the transcript.
Week 12 Academic progress prior to final course drop/change deadline. The last Progress Survey before a student can withdraw from the semester (drop all courses) with a 'WP' or 'WF' on the transcript and no refund.

*For more information on official dates and deadlines of the Registrar, please visit the Registrar's published Official Dates and Deadlines - Fall 2019 document.

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