2022 Competitors

Bloom Technologies Co.

Montana State University

A locally owned and operated company, based in Bozeman, Montana, specializing in farming microalgae to make an environmentally friendly, carbon negative plant fertilizer.

Good Tracker

University of Montana

Good Tracker provides tools to help users manage their carbon footprint, so that they can be green citizens.


University of Montana

IMMERSION is a high-tech fashion experience beginning in London, England where customers work one-on-one with fashion designers to create customized items of high-quality clothing which are manufactured same-day as both a physical product and an NFT.


University of Montana

Quality leather mittens with unique designs for skiing and snowboarding.

Morel Technology LLC

Montana State University

Morel enables restaurants to make mobile-ordering apps to better compete against mega-brands in an industry that's rapidly demanding new technology.

Positivity Outward

Montana State University

Through the app, rural youth are connected to mentors that empower the students to use reflection and action as tools for confidence and well-being.

Telepathy Inc.

Montana State University

Telepathy improves coherent LiDAR to eliminate the last barrier to an autonomous vehicle future.

We Stock Your Shop LLC

University of Montana

We Stock provides an online real-time live purchasing experience of wholesale inventory with no MOQ for small retail business owners, while providing an information platform to customers that will help their companies prosper and grow.

2021 Competitors

Aizy Tech SAR Drone Project

Montana State University

Aizy Tech SAR Drone Project creates drones specifically for first responders.


University of Montana

Bridgible is an online sports coaching marketplace that helps all players access the best coaching, regardless of the barriers they face.

The Giddy Thrifter LLC

University of Montana

With the dream of creating a more sustainable design world with less fast fashion, while keeping the shopping experience intact, The Giddy Thrifter sells new, used, vintage, and upcycled fashion and decor that is ready for new homes, while also teaching style and bargain decor via how-to videos.


University of Montana

KokuaJ is a personal brand created to be consumed by anyone, anywhere, at any time.


University of Montana

Physico provides a one-stop connective platform for people that are experiencing, or have experienced injury rehabilitation, where users access individuals with similar experiences to increase motivation, mitigate feelings of loneliness, and positively affect home-based physical therapy outcomes.

Posted Software LLC

Montana State University

Posted Software is the on-campus job posting app for one-time jobs on college campuses.

Red Patch Outdoors

University of Montana

Providing outdoor enthusiasts with modular gear options for hunting, fishing, and hiking.


University of Montana

The Samaritan App connects individuals in medical crisis to their friends, family and close neighbors, for the help they need.

2020 Competitors


University of Montana

CounterBalance is the first ever carbon offset bracelet, enabling environmentally conscious individuals to take climate action.

Gallatin Visual Media

Montana State University

Gallatin Visual Media is a science communication production company that helps university professors communicate their research and its impacts to the public through film and photography in a way that creates a personal connection and spurs support and action.

Guide Time Booking

University of Montana

Guide Time Booking seamlessly connects guides & outfitters to those who seek.

High Morel

University of Montana

High Morel alleviates costs and accessibility to wastewater treatment for breweries by utilizing mushrooms to remediate brewery wastewater. 


Montana State University

Legitimizer stops illegitimate apps before they fool you.

Red Patch Outdoors (RPO)

University of Montana

Red Patch Outdoors provides high quality, modular outdoor gear that allows you to make your gear fit your needs.

SporeAttic LLC

Montana State University

SporeAttic LLC is a commercial gourmet mushroom farm in the process of starting up in Bozeman, Montana.

Will Care

University of Montana, Montana Tech, Montana Western

Will Care provides easy to understand, step-by-step video instructions that enable the customer to create a legal, dynamic will that tells a story by adding personalized photos or videos around assets.

Zesty Touch

Montana State University

Zesty Touch is an app that will reduce the amount of household food waste.

2019 Competitors

Sellout, Inc. 

Montana State University

Sellout is a cloud based event ticketing platform for the progressive event organizer designed to combat scalping and fraud.

Key to the Mountain

University of Montana

Montana EnerGhee is an ultra-efficient energy compound for outdoor professionals that need all-day sustainable energy with a clear mind.

Scry Chat Inc.

University of Montana

Scry Chat, an app for sharing data experiences & advice.

Bitts & Brews

University of Montana

For competitive and social gamers, Bits & Brews aims to provide a haven for like-minded gamers by offering rentable video game pods and PCs, hosting competitive video gaming tournaments, and offering an atmosphere where everybody knows your game.


Montana State University

CubiEZ provides a compact and convenient way to store your charging needs.

Weaver Web Solutions

University of Montana

Weaver Web Solutions is a service tech company that provides marketers with high quality high leads at a significantly lower price point and in greater numbers than possible with their current efforts.

Peak Retreats

University of Montana

Peak Retreats is a multi-channel network that connects female founders and executives with nationally renowned consultants, determined peers, and educational content designed to supplement their personal and professional goals.

The Ant Network

Montana State University

The Ant Network uses a combination of digital media, physical exhibits, and educational experiences to enable and encourage people to interact with and care for the Earth’s biodiversity.

Serapis Systems Inc.

University of Montana

For private health insurance customers, Serapis Systems reduces the pain of purchasing a private health insurance policy by creating a personalized comparison for every policy using a unique data analytics web service.


Montana State University

Kubed is a frozen smoothie cube made from kale, chia seed, and coconut milk that allows you to easily and conveniently boost the nutritional value of any smoothie without the mess or hassle.

May West Milkweed

Montana State University

May West helps conscious consumers stay warm by making winter jackets from milkweed.

Cultivated by Native Montana

University of Montana 

CBNM is a sustainable, vertical garden business that utilizes aquaponics to grow fresh crops for the community of Busby, Montana, which is located on the Northern Cheyenne reservation.

2018 Competitors

Crispr Communications

University of Montana

Crispr Communications is a PR and Marketing firm for scientists.

Evergreen Game & Hobby

University of Montana

Evergreen Game & Hobby, LLC is a Montana-based company that will provide an expansive inventory of board and video gaming, comic and hobby supplies to customers in its targeted market.


Montana State University

Matching potentially wasted food with hungry people.

Game Ink LLC

University of Montana

Games Ink provides the most engaging and dynamic social card game in tabletop gaming.

Ice Viper Hockey

Montana State University

A high stability street hockey puck that turns asphalt into ice.

University of Montana

Mirthful Farm will flip the model of a conventional farm-to-table restaurant by putting the tables on the farm.

Montana Outdoor Experiences, Inc.

University of Montana

Montana Outdoor Experiences, Inc. provides a free, easy-to-use online outdoor education and recreation events calendar, equipped with marketing tools for businesses and organizations to advertise and promote outdoor events and easy access for recreationists looking for this information.

Morphose Exercise Systems, LLC

University of Montana

For physical therapists seeking to increase patient compliance, the Morphose Exercise System offers a 360-degree view of home exercises with built-in accountability features that can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Storysquares App

University of Montana

Storysquares is a digital storyboarding app that helps K-12 students write stories and reports step-by-step with confidence.

Wage Sheets

University of Montana

Wage Sheets is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud platform and accounting software add-on that gives union contractors and their employees clarity and peace of mind during the hiring and payroll process.


Montana State University

Vaytricks helps content makers – audio producers, video producers, artists, and designers – do better work faster by providing effective flexible applications meant for the next generation of creators.

2017 Competitors

Bonsai Communities

Clare Weiler, UM

Small Homes Under the Big Sky: A Sustainable Affordable Housing Solution.

Clark Fork Charcuterie

Alyssa Tutskey and Stephen Hodgdon, UM

Retail and wholesale producer of locally sourced, cured and specialty meats, such as salami and prosciutto, targeting customers seeking hard to find, traditionally made, old-world style charcuterie.

Cowboy Cricket Farms LLC

Kathleen Rolin, MSU

The first edible insect farm in Montana, providing a better protein for a better future.

Crepe Cuisine

Kassi Soelter, UM

We are a mobile food truck selling traditional French crepes with a local, Montanan twist to Missoulians looking for a unique and delicious food option.

Darktwin Studios

Waylon Roberts, MSU

Game studio focused on decision based story telling.


Vanessa Bakken, MSU

Farmented is dedicated to reducing waste in the form of grade "B" and excess vegetables on small local farms by creating a new, innovative line of fermented goods for our health and earth conscious target market.

Taylor Wyllie, UM

For that impossible to shop for friend or family member FeatureMe offers the most unique and genuinely touching gift — a personalized story.

Healthy Eats

Steve Ehresman, Montana Tech

Inspired recipe generation tailored to you whether cooking at home or out shopping.


Brandon Staggs, UM

MatchMade is a project workforce SaaS designed to help leaders build teams through a suitability algorithm based on team member background, skill, preference, and project type.

Miriam's Inspired Skin Care

Rebecca Elderkin, UM

Miriam's Inspired Skin Care offers the nutrition skin needs for health and radiance.


Kyle Jones, Carroll College

Pedenza creates top-of-the-line, floating wine bottle holders from a selection of fine hardwoods designed to keep your wine fresh.


Brandon Orr, UM

Pick your favorite guitar or ukulele songs. Ryffit will print them into one book and mail it to your doorstep.


Zachary Wright, MSU

A breaching device that saves seconds can save lives.

Bridger Frandsen, UM

StrappedIn is an amateur talent agency and online platform that connects aspiring athletes with local companies through sponsorships.


Evan Tipton, UM

The Digital Marketing Assistant for Tour Operators.


Hannah Fay, UM

An online science communication platform with a fact-checking component and a simple education model that explains trending science in a clear, concise manner that doesn’t require a PhD to understand.

2016 Competitors


Bessie Crooked Arm, MSU Billings

Lily Good Path is the character for a series of children’s books and is unique in that she follows American Indian folklore, with moral lessons to take care of the earth and respect all native cultures. The mission of the company that publishes the books, Bakaate, is to inspire and empower children to take care of mother earth and respect all native cultures through literary books and dolls.

Birds of A Feather

Matthew Gillespie, UM

Birds of a Feather Co. sources down feathers from legally hunted migratory birds across the United States. Our mission is to provide a sustainable product through ethical sourcing methods to help companies create the top quality gear consumers use every day. With growing consumer demand and the need to sustainably source goods, being environmentally conscious as a business is a topic of concern.

Bloom Content

Zachary Falen, UM

BLOOM is a cloud-hosted web platform that connects undergraduate content producers with local businesses looking to stand out online. Bloom accomplishes this by leveraging a dynamic vetting system, expanding access to creative tools and a rapidly growing pool of student talent. This gives local businesses a convenient, affordable option for generating the custom digital content (video, photo, graphics, etc.) they need.

Chilton Skis

George Gaines, UM

Chilton Skis is a Missoula-based manufacturer creating an all-mountain ski from salvaged and sustainably harvested wood combined with modern composite materials. Our innovative designs and leading-edge construction methods yield high performance skis with a unique and elegant form.


Johanna Ciampa, UM

Danceador is a virtual dance ambassador that will bring world dance to one platform. It will be a simple, intuitive resource that contains comprehensive global dance content, which can be easily accessed and filtered, with summaries from dance ethnographers. Users will be able to share, discover, and celebrate movement ideas from around the world. Danceador will assist submission of global, user-generated content while our film team will help communities that are ill-equipped to produce their own content.

Growify Aquaponics

Dylan McDowell, MSU

We create a kit that allows students to build their own Aquaponics system at home. The kit comes with an online course that teaches students about agriculture and how to program with Raspberry Pi. We want to help kids learn about agriculture, technology and get excited about science. With our makers kit and access to our online course kids will learn how to grow their own food, how to program using Raspberry Pi, while learning math and science along the way.


Carson MacPhey-Krutsky

HazardReady is a web application that provides users with location-based information about their natural hazard risks and steps they can take to prepare. HazardReady helps people prepare in advance, saving money and lives. We’ve created an interactive online tool that forecasts multiple natural hazards at the individual address level in terms that anyone can understand.


Graydon Myhre, UM

LongLoc will support sustainable transportation by enabling longboard, skateboard,and scooter riders to secure their boards in a designated area just like bicycle users. Having a safe place to lockup boards will encourage more ridership, but also keep boards out of buildings where they can become fire and liability hazards.

Montana Root Applications

Evin Ozer, UM

Montana Root Applications is a team of professionals on a mission to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer by leveraging, envisioning, and developing relevant technology. Our premier product is SolarScreen, an artificially intelligent skin cancer prevention system. Its MVP iteration has been released as a mobile phone and smart watch application that offers the information necessary to avoid sunburn and limit skin damage.


Joseph Desch, UM

Park-It LLC. Park-It alleviates parking frustration through a mobile application that uses real-time parking information and analytics to direct college commuters and residents to open parking spots. Park-It seeks to empower users with advanced analytics and real-time parking data to make a small, but often frustrating aspect of life, easier.

Polo: The Social Calendar

Waylon Roberts, MSU

Polo: The Social Calendar is an app that allows you to effortlessly find out when you and your friends are free at the same time. It launches on Android this May and iOS this summer. Polo: The Social Calendar is an app designed to bring people together by eliminating the difficulties involved in scheduling, and provide a large-scale platform for friends to communicate and coordinate ​social events.​

Second Nature

Shae Stein, MSU

The Second Nature shower chair helps to improve the bathing experience of dementia patients and their caregivers through a unique set of product features aimed at alleviating the stress felt by both parties.

Tip Top Nail Bar

Gabrielle Gebauer, UM

Tip Top Nail Bar is a local nail salon that provides non-toxic and natural manicure and pedicure services in a fume-free, relaxing, and hip environment. Tip Top is a reflection ofthe changing trends in the beauty industry which are aiming to be more sustainable by using non-toxic products. Tip Top fills the void between the discount, strip-mall nail salons and high-end spas without sacrificing customer service, sanitation, and style.

Triple Divide

Zachary Rogala, UM

TRIPLE DIVIDE is an online financial services company, providing equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending services. We provide sophisticated equity crowdfunding brokerage and peer-to-peer lending solutions to the Montana financial sector.  Our online platform affords novel access to new investments.

Urgent ID

Denise Hartman, Montana Tech

Urgent ID, LLC is bringing a new and unique product to the market, designed to protect individuals in the public environment. This product provides an emergency notification and personal locator system to school-aged children, teachers, even government workers.

Vector Visuals

Tyler Christianson, UM

Vector Visuals is a Montana based video production company focused on offering small businesses professional videos as marketing tools they can use to build brand awareness both online and commercially. Our mission is to become the leading Montana video production company that small businesses turn to for their video marketing needs. We have a passion for making original, unique, and memorable videos that will help our customers with whatever their video needs may be.