About SARC

Services Provided

If you have experienced sexual or other violent assault, harassment, stalking, intimidation, or discrimination, SARC is here to help you.

Our services are comprehensive and we actively listen, believe in, assist, and support our clients. Based upon your decisions and choices, we also provide referrals and connections, within the justice, medical, and social service systems.

Our work is personal for you and your circumstances. SARC promotes a community that is free from coercion or aggression in any form.

Services are free and confidential to students. 


Our Mission

We celebrate diversity, support the right of all students to pursue success in our academic community, openly respect and care for everyone, and are committed to a campus free from discrimination and unwelcome physical, sexual, emotional, or social coercion. It is our goal that every interaction and every communication be respectful, considerate, professional, and supportive.


Your communication with SARC is confidential.

Law enforcement, University administration, faculty, and/or family members will not be contacted by SARC unless you request us to do so. Additionally, you have the option of being anonymous in your interaction with SARC.

Find us in the Curry Health Center, east entrance, up the stairs and to the left in Room 108.