Explore UM

New and returning students are invited to partake in a quest full of adventure, while on-campus or online. Offering hundreds of interactive selfie-based challenges, trivia and physical check-ins, students will compete against other teams to win prizes and be named UM’s Top Explorer. UM departments united to truly challenge the minds of our students, allowing students the opportunity to rediscover all that UM has to offer!


Destination Dining Plan, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Bose Soundlink 10, Hydroflasks, Ice Skating Party with fire pits (up to 24 people), Semester Game Pass.

How it works:

  • Recruit a team!
    • Whether you are on campus or at home, you can start building your team. However, our house rule is you can only have a team up to six players. Each member of the team can complete tasks for the overall group, and you do not need to be in-person. Each member can download their own application and play for the team overall. If you truly want to test your wit, you can also set up a team of one!
  • Complete Missions
    • To complete a mission, select it from the list and follow the instructions to receive the allotted points. Sometimes you’ll be submitting a photo or video, while other times you’ll be checking-in at a specific location or solving a puzzle or riddle.
    • Remember that while you receive the points right away, all submissions are subject to review by the UM Gamemaster. Sometimes you’ll even get bonus points if your submission is extra impressive!
  • Track Opponents
    • The ability to see everything as it happens is one of the best parts of participating in the ExploreUM Scavenger Hunt. That's because whenever someone completes a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated.
    • If you’re as competitive as we are, you’ll realize how awesome this is! At any given moment, you know exactly how you’re doing and what needs to be done to win.
  • Achieve Glory
    • When time runs out, the game may be done, but the fun is definitely not over. That's because the UM Gamemaster will still need to announce the final scores after they review the submissions. It's why you should always push hard until the very end, because you don't know if the teams ahead of you will have taken any shortcuts!
    • As a final treat, we will put together a slideshow of the best photos & videos. From our experience, this is often the best part and always results in non-stop laughter!

Ready? Lets get started!

  1. Download the Goosechase Android or iPhone Application
  2. Create a personal account with your school email (@umontana.edu), and a username and password of your choice. Just remember that your username can be viewed by everyone on campus.
  3. Tap the search icon and enter “University of Montana ExploreUM” or use our game code: 1BXZQK
  4. If you're playing as part of a team, create your team or select your team from the list if it's already been created. If you're playing individually, enter your player name or select your player profile if it’s already been created.
  5. Once in the game, you’ll be presented with the missions you or your team are attempting to complete. Mission types can include Photo/Video, Text or GPS check in. To complete a mission, select it from the list and hit the “Snap Evidence” button.
  6. Make sure you’re completing missions accurately! (e.g. “take a picture with a zebra” means take a picture with a real zebra, not next to a zebra on a computer screen) Your game organizer can deduct points from your team if your submission falls short. Bonus points can also be awarded to missions accomplished in extraordinary fashion!
  7. Using the navigation tabs, you can keep track of how you are doing via the activity feed and the leaderboard, see notifications from the game organizer or review (and resubmit) your previous submissions.
  8. Most importantly, Have fun! Get really creative, interact with your fellow players and organizers and don’t be shy!


UM Orientation, Campus Dining, University Center, Vice Provost for Student Success