Past Events

Clark Fork Annual River Cleanup (April 30th, 2016)

Our student chapter joined the community in maintaining the local river, streets, and Caras Park. Later we joined a large community barbeque in the park to celebrate the event.

river cleanup photoRiver Cleanup photo

Clark Fork Annual River Cleanup (April 18th, 2015)

Our student chapter assissted in maintaining the beauty and integrety of our river and its surrounding areas in an effort with the community.

Clark Fork Cleanup 2015, AWMA members with family and Friends

Tour of Roseburg Forest Products Facillity (March 26th, 2015)

Our student group toured the local Roseburg facility, one of the largest suppliers of particle board in the USA. We toured their production lines and their equipment for minimizing pollution.

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Montana Chapter of AWMA meeting at UM (September 23rd, 2013)

Our student chapter hosted the statewide chapter of AWMA. At this meeting we discussed future goals and activities, as well as the election of new officers.

Libby Trip 1 - (July 19-20, 2013)

Our student chapter hosted a group of international students in their visit to Libby, MT. Here, they learned abou the history of asbestos contamination from activities at the virmiculite mine and subsequent activities. 

Clark Fork River Coalition: public meeting (June 24th, 2013)

Our student group attended this meeting. This meeting was to educate the public about the current state of the Smurfit Mill contaminated site and the potential for this location to become the nation's next Superfund site.

Mark Vander Meer and Watershed Consulting (February 25th, 2013)

Students visited the Watershed Consulting group to learn about their activities.  

Visibility and Air pollution Conference (September 24-28, 2012)

Several students were able to attend this conference. Registration fees were waived as our student chapter volunteered to haul a truck full of stands, and set them up, for the poster session. We were able to attend an "Introduction to Visibility and Air Optics" course, as well as attend many platform presentations.

Showshoe adventure (January 19-20, 2013)

Our student group rented a log cabin for two nights in the Kootenai National Forest. From there we ventured out into the widlerness and discussed the important issues surrounding human and enviornmental health.

Libby Trip 1 (August 20-21, 2012)

Our student group visited Libby, Montana to learn about the history of asbestos contamination. We visited municipal and federal laboratories and learned about the measures and actions taking place that are and/or will reduce potential for exposure.

Visiting Professor: Peter Thorne, M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Thorne is one the world's leading researchers in the field of air quality and human health. He has helped to pioneered a novel method of detecting and quentifying endotoxin burden in particulate matter. This is of great import to our student group as several student's interests revolved around this molecule.  

Montana AWMA chapter meeting (Monthly):

Four members of our chapter traveled to Butte, MT for the quarterly meeting of the Montana AWMA chapter. Before the meeting, Chris Borton gave an interesting seminar on the Sage Mountain Center and ways to integrate alternative energy options such as solar and wind power into your home. For more information, visit their website at:

Clark Fork River Clean-up (April - Annual):

Several members of our chapter joined others in Missoula in the annual Earth Day clean-up of the Clark Fork River. Our group was assigned a secion of river in town and found some trash, but spent most of the time picking up paint chips from graffiti. Afterwards, we joined the rest of the participants for a BBQ in Caras Park.

March 2009 seminar:

Tim Roberts, an environmental industrial hygeniest, presented an interactive discussion of the history of the steam system utilized by the University of Montana to heat campus buildings and utilities. Over the past two years, the Missoula campus has undergone extensive renovations, piping enhancements, and asbestos abatement within the underground steam system. The result is renewed efficiency for future demands without environmental hazards of the past. For more information, visit

Milltown Dam Superfund Site Tour (March 17th, 2009):

Our chapter sponsored a tour of the Milltown Dam Superfund site, given by Russ Forba and Diana Hammer from EPA Region 8. For more information on the Superfund site, visit their website. For pictures from the tour, go here!

November 2008 seminar:

Richard Opper, director of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality spoke about what the DEQ does and highlighted some specific issues of local interest.

Professional luncheon August 2008:

Shannon Therriault, Environmental Health Division Supervisor at the Missoula City-County Health Department, spoke about jobs at the health department and what skills and qualifications are necessary for a job in local government.

ACE conference 2008 (June 24-27):

Five members of our chapter traveled to Portland, OR to attend AWMA's annual conference and exhibition. Four members presented research posters and 4 also participated in the first ever environmental challenge international. Emily Weiler won 2nd place in the undergraduate poster category and Raj Kailasam won 3rd place in the sustainability category, each worth $600. Our environmental challenge team consisting of Megan Bergauff, Raj Kailasam, Glenn Pinson, and Jessica Wood won 4th place in the competition, which was worth $1500. Attendees also enjoyed technical sessions, exhibitions, student activities, and other sites in Portland! For pictures from the conference, go here.

For a conference schedule and program, more information on the environmental challenge problem, and information on the exhibitors present please visit:

April 2008 seminar:

Robert Jeffrey from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality gave a seminar about PM2.5 air pollution in Montana.

For more information about the Montana DEQ's air quality division, visit their website at

February 2008 seminar:

The Friends of Lolo Peak gave a seminar about the potential impacts of the proposed Bitterroot Resort on the public lands in the Lolo Peak area.

For more information please go to their website at

October 2007 seminar:

Matt Fein from Environcon presented a seminar on the progress being made in the Milltown Dam removal project.

For more information, check out the EPA website on the Milltown Superfund site:

PNWIS conference 2007:

The conference was held in Boise, ID from Oct 14-16, 2007. Four students from our chapter attended the conference and participated in the environmental challenge. Our team ("Essence Consulting") was awarded an honorable mention placement and won $300. All 4 students also presented the research. For a conference schedule and program, more information on the environmental challenge problem, and information on the exhibitors present please visit:

September 2007 seminar:

Matthew Koehler from the Wild West Institute presented a seminar on wildfire effects, management, and restoration.

For more information please go to their website at

For minutes from past meetings, please click here.