Online Courses

To find Summer courses offered online:

  1. Go to Course Search.
  2. Select "Summer Session 2021" from the "Select a Term" menu. Then click continue.
  3. To refine your course search to target Online courses, click the "Online/Attendance Method" field and select "Internet/Online" from the list of options that appear.
  4. Alternatively, if you would like to find online courses under a specific campus, you can select the "Campus/Course Location" field, then select "Distance Learning - UM" and/or "Distance Learning - MC".

All online courses are denoted with a section number of 50 through 59. Section numbers with a "C" on the end are Missoula College courses.  Please check CyberBear for start and end dates for these online courses, as these can fall under any of the Summer sessions.

Students who intend to enroll only in online courses may opt to change their student status to "Distance". Doing so may result in reduced tuition and fees and will waive requirements to submit an immunization form before being registering for classes. Please note that the Distance Only Form can also be used to change your status from Distance Only back to Full Student status to include campus services. Your status may be changed only one time per semester and cannot be changed for the current semester after the 15th class day.