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Additional Information on Registration

Please view this PDF for steps on registering for a Summer 2022 course


Students take anywhere from 1 to 19 credits during the summer; the average being 6 credits or 2 classes.

Students who wish to Audit or take courses Credit/No Credit should make this change on CyberBear or at the Registrar's Office, 6th floor, Aber Hall by the appropriate session deadlines. Courses with a grade mode of ‘T' may be taken for Traditional A-F grades only. Courses with a grade mode of 'C' may be taken for Credit/No Credit only.

If Consent of Instructor is required for a course, on-campus students should pick up an override slip at the Registrar's Office and contact the instructor or department to obtain approval. Students should submit the signed slip at the Registrar's Office, 6th floor, Aber Hall. Faculty may choose to provide electronic overrides so students may register on CyberBear. WARNING: Not all overrides are approved.

The Curry Health Fee of $126.78 is charged for students enrolled for 7 credits or more and allows students to be seen at Curry Health Center. Students enrolled for 6 credits or fewer pay a $23.00 Health Fee and may opt to pay an additional $103.78 Curry Health Fee or pay for services on a Fee-For-Service basis. Select the health service fee option for Summer Semester via CyberBear. The Curry Health Fee option is available only during the applicable Summer Semester registration periods.

Students login to CyberBear to view their Registration Bill and finalize their registration. Students may pay by credit card or electronic check. Even if there is no balance, the student must finalize registration.


Summer grades are available in August. Student Identification Number (790 number) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are required to access grades.


Please see Important Dates and Deadlines for registration and payment dates. UM allows fee payment after the payment deadlines only if a Late Registration Petition is approved by the Late Registration Committee. A $160 Late Fee is charged.