Summer 2022 Course Offerings

Summer 2022 courses will be available to view Feb. 14, 2022! 

  • View summer 2022 courses online via Course Search (available Feb. 14, 2022
  • View summer 2022 courses in a PDF via our Summer 2022 course offerings (available Feb. 14, 2022

    Please note: For the most accurate summer course schedule, please visit the "course search" link above. Although the PDF is updated as often as possible, the PDF is meant to provide a depiction or snapshot of summer courses and changes to the schedule might occur.

Part of Term Course Search

  1. View courses online via Course Search
  2. Select a "Part of Term" (ie: "12 Week Session")
  3. Click "search" and it will return all courses offered during the 12 Week summer 2021 session. 
  4. To view the dates the courses are taught, drag the column titled "Meeting Times" to the right to view the dates.