Admitted Summer Start Students

Summer Start 2021 students can technically take any course during the summer at UM during one of our regular summer session terms. However, official Summer Start 2021 programming will not start until the 2nd half of summer sessions.

2nd 6-week session (June 21 - July 30)

3rd 3-week session (June 21- July 9)

4th 3-week sessions (July 12 - July 30)

Below are some additional steps to help you get started as a Summer Start student: 

  1. Apply to the University of Montana (UM) for Summer 2021 - If you are admitted or readmitted for the Fall 2021 semester and would like to start in Summer 2021, please visit your UM Admissions Portal to select the Summer 2021 term. You will not be able to register for summer courses until you have switched your term code from fall to summer. 
  2. Apply for federal financial aid through the FAFSA
  3. Accept any financial aid and/or scholarship offer
  4. Apply for On Campus Housing
  5. Send in your immunizations to Curry Health Center to clear your health hold
  6. Register for Bear Tracks and New Student Orientation
  7. Complete your "My Academics"
  8. Complete any placement testing needed
  9. Request that your final high school transcript, official ACT or SAT and any official college transcripts (if you taken college credits) are sent into Enrollment Services – Admissions
  10. Attend Bear Tracks 
  11. Reach out to your advisor about which course(s) you would like to be taking over the summer
  12. Log on to CyberBear and make your insurance selection to clear your insurance hold
  13. Register for your Summer 2021 course(s)
  14. Ensure you know the appropriate deadlines for summer
  15. Watch for your Summer 2021 bill to be generated
  16. Register for the Summer Start Resources Orientation (a required two-hour resource orientation for students in July, 2021). Please note, more information on this will be available in the spring. 
  17. We are so excited to have you as a member of this amazing community of learners!
  18. Attend New Student Orientation