Summer Start

Welcome to Summer Start 2020

Summer Start is an innovative way to get a jump start on your academics at the University of Montana. Rather than waiting until the fall to get started on your academics, why not start in the summer?

This is a great opportunity for entering traditional freshman to get ahead on their coursework, get to virtually know campus early, and participate in smaller classes.

Students will virtually become familiar with campus resources, professors, other students, and the ins and outs of college living before the majority of the student body returns for the fall semester - all while earning credits towards their degree. 

Why should YOU think about Summer Start?

  1. Put yourself on track to graduate early. Full-time tuition for two summers is essentially equal to one full fall or spring semester. This means students have the opportunity to save on costs by graduating early.

  2. Complete regular course credits! We offer over 600 distinct courses to choose from, including transition to college courses, such as a three-credit course available to you called, “College Success: Mastering the Hidden Curriculum” which is a seminar course focused on getting to know the resources available to you at UM, time management, and successful study habits. Another option you might consider is C&I 160, “Learning Strategies for Higher Education”. This will allow you to lighten future credit loads during difficult semesters or utilize an additional summer to graduate early. Please click HERE for more information on our "College Success: Mastering the Hidden Curriculum" course. 

  3. Be surrounded by a unique team of support. The team includes, but ism’t limited to, Academic Advisors, Resident Assistants, Faculty, Staff, Administration, and the UMSummer Office.

  4. Financial aid is available to you!

Check in with the Financial Aid Office and accept your financial aid offer. 

Feel free to check out the various resources on this site and contact us with any questions you may have.

Don't forget to go through the New Student Orientation Steps to officially become a Grizzly!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q-What happens if I have already applied for fall semester?

A-You can still switch to be admitted to start courses in the summer

Q- How do I switch to start in the summer with admissions?

A- You can switch your term code by simply calling the Undergraduate Admissions office at 406-243-6266

Q-How do I receive Financial Aid for summer 2020?

A-You will need to fill out the 2019-2020 FAFSA application for aid. If you would also like to receive aid for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semester, you will also need to fill out the 2020-2021 FAFSA application for aid.

Q-What are the dates?

A-Summer Start students are encouraged to take the 2nd six-week session (July 6th- August 14th) or the 3rd (July 6th- July 24th) and 4th (July 27th- August 14th) three- week summer sessions.

Q-Where will I live?

A- Please contact UM Housing at 406-243-2611 or you can email them at 

Q-How much does it cost?

A- UM President Seth Bodnar announced that for the 2020 summer sessions, UM will apply a Remote Delivery Summer Discount that will partially offset tuition and mandatory fee charges this summer. The discount is not available to students enrolled in online-only courses, as these programs have lower tuition and fee charges. Students to NOT need to complete any forms or make any special requests to receive this discount. As President Bodnar communicated, "it is our gift to students as they continue or start their studies at UM during a very challenging time." The size of the discount will vary by student based on residency status, number of credits, and other individual factors; but to see an estimate of your cost, please click here for the Business Service's website.

Q- Which courses will I take?

A- We offer over 600 distinct courses to choose from, but it is advised that you take no more than six credits in the Summer Start program and suggested to take one course per summer session. The three-week courses are fast and intensive, but faculty and staff on UM’s campus are here to help you.

Q-What happens if I am not successful in my Summer Start course(s)?

A- If you happen to experience academic difficulty during your summer start courses, you will be able to register for fall and attend fall classes. Help is also available from our qualified faculty and staff to get back on track. Please see more information on Academic Standing from the Office for Student Success.

Q-Can I have a job while doing Summer Start?

A- Due to the condensed nature of the courses and the intensity of the compressed academic schedule in the summer, it is recommended for your first summer not to be employed full or even part time. However, if you are interested in learning more about summer employment opportunities, visit Handshake.

Q-Do I need to register and participate in the New Student Orientation Programming if I am a Summer Start student?

A- Yes, it is required to participate in new student orientation

Q- Can I have my car on campus?

A- Yes, you may have a car on campus. Students can pay to park at meters across campus or pay for a parking pass through Cyberbear, “Student Services” and then “Parking”.

Q- What do I do after Summer Start?

A- There is one week after all summer sessions end (August 14th) and when Autumn 2020 fall orientation programming begins (August 24th- 28th). Autumn 2020 courses begin on August 31st.

Q-How do I pay for tuition?

A- You can pay online through your cyberbear account and click on the “student services” button and then “student accounts” and then “pay your registration bill”. It is highly encouraged to be cognizant of the summer dates and deadlines. The two registration bill payment deadlines for the summer of 2020 are May 15 and July 10.

Q- Who can I contact with other questions?

A- Please feel free to call the Summer Office at 406-243-5658 or email us at

Admitted Summer Start Students

Summer start students can technically take any course during the summer at UM during one of our regular summer session terms. However, official summer start programming will not start until the 2nd half of summer sessions.

Monday, July 6th Summer Campus Resources Orientation (details forthcoming)

2nd 6-week session (July 6th- August 14th)

3rd 3-week session (July 6th- July 24th)

4th 3-week sessions (Friday, July 24th- August 14th)

Below are some additional steps to help you get started as a Summer Start student: 

  1. Apply to University of Montana (UM) for Summer 2020- Please note, if you have already been admitted for a future term (fall 2020 for example), contact Enrollment Services (Admissions) to have your start term moved to Summer 2020. Call them at 406 243 6266 or by e-mail You will not be able to register for summer courses until you have switched your term code from fall to summer. 
  2. Apply for federal financial aid through the FAFSA
  3. Accept any financial aid and/or scholarship offer
  4. Apply for On Campus Housing
  5. Send in your immunizations to Curry Health Center to clear your health hold
  6. Register for Bear Tracks and New Student Orientation
  7. Complete your “My Academics”
  8. Complete any placement testing needed
  9. Request that your final high school transcript, official ACT or SAT and any official college transcripts (if you taken college credits) are sent into Enrollment Services – Admissions
  10. Attend Bear Tracks online
  11. Reach out to your advisor about which course(s) you would like to be taking over the summer
  12. Log on to CyberBear and make your insurance selection to clear your insurance hold
  13. Register for your Summer 2020 course(s)
  14. Ensure you know the appropriate deadlines for summer
  15. Watch for your Summer 2020 bill to be generated
  16. Register for the Summer Start Resources Orientation (a required two-hour resource orientation for students on Monday, July 6th). Please note, more information on this will be available soon. 
  17. We are so excited to have you as a member of this amazing community of learners!
  18. Attend New Student Orientation