Green Buildings and Grounds

The operation of our buildings (purchased energy and natural gas emissions) constitutes the largest portion of UM's greenhouse gas emissions footprint. Improving the management of our buildings (and not building MORE) is one of the most impactful strategies for reducing our emissions.

Green buildings at the University of Montana use locally sourced construction materials, water-conserving fixtures and landscaping, and are designed to use much less energy than conventionally-designed buildings of similar use. Many of the buildings on campus are decades old, or have even been in use since the establishment of the university itself. We strive to recommission and upgrade energy systems in these buildings to make them as energy efficient as possible. 

According to Montana University System policy, every new building project at a Montana public university costing over 3 million dollars must be at least LEED Silver certified. This means that, since 2014 when the LEED Platinum Payne Family Native American Center was built, every building constructed on campus has been certified at least LEED Silver.