Recycling at UM

UM offers 100 % recycled paper at its printing and copy facilities, sells surplus materials to the public, provides several recycling locations on campus, and recycles all materials accepted by local recycling companies. Surplus electronics are sent to a reputable recycler; no e-waste is sent to the landfill.


The Facilities Services Recycling Program is committed to reducing the amount of waste taken to the landfill. The recycling program works closely with University custodians and is staffed primarily by student employees committed to the cause of keeping our environment clean and healthy.


The 2016 goal of the Recycling Program is to reduce the solid waste stream by 25%. Efforts to date have resulted in a reduction of approximately 27%.


UM Recycle receives about 80% of its funds from a student recycling fee ($6 per student per semester). Additional funds come from special campus events, selling recyclables, Campus Thrift, and UM payroll deductions. 

We hope that all faculty, staff, and administrators will join the students in supporting the campus recycling program. The University established a payroll deduction plan to enable the campus community to contribute. To learn more or to set up your payroll deduction plan, visit: UM Recycling & Payroll Contribution.